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Student dies in clash at Al Azhar

CAIRO: A student was killed on Saturday and scores were arrested when supporters of the, state media reported. Shaimaa Mounir, a student activist, said the dead student was, state media reported. Shaimaa Mounir, a student activist, told Reuters that the dead student wasOne student killed and dozens injured as security forces crack down on supporters of: Ahmed Ramadan/AP One student has been killed...
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KFI ratings steady in first month without Rush Limbaugh

Numbers released Tuesday by Nielsen Audio showed little change in KFI's numbers in the first month after Clear Channel moved the conservative talk show host to KEIB-AM (1150), formerly known as KTLK-AM.KFI, which has switched to all-local programming, accounted for a 3.1% share of the Los Angeles-Orange County audience for the period of Jan. 2 to Jan. 29, flat with the previous month and ranking at...
Source : Los Angeles Times |
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Rush Limbaugh: President Obama is promoting prostitution via 'Obamacare'

"Obamacare" has had to deal with much criticism and issues as of late. but one accusation has left many scratching their heads. From the computer glitches to canceled health care plans,,” so in order to “save the planet” everyone in the human race must stop breathingNow in his second term he is reducing the size of the military the way he reduced the,” so in order to “save the planet” everyone in the...
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Karbi Anglong blockade against encroachment lifted

JORHAT: The indefinite road blockade, imposed by Karbi Students' Association (KSA) and 11 other organizations against Nagaland, was withdrawn on Friday morning.The KSA and organizations such as All Adivasi Students' Association, Karbi Students' Youth Council,District Unemployed Youth Association, All Dimasa Students' Association, All Gorkha Students' Association and United Students Union of Karbi Anglong...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Raipur

Students demand police chowki after violence in Science college

campus on Monday morning when the students went on rampage after a group of outsider students attacked the student union president and his friend on some petty issue. Students demanded that abe set up in the college campus to check frequent violence by outsiders. Last Friday too, a mob had ransacked the student union president's office and indulged in violence.The incident took place when a student...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Ranchi

Stephen Colbert, destroyer of worlds

announcement that Stephen Colbert is to leave his eponymous cable program to replace David Letterman on CBS’shas left many of his conservative critics as flat-footed and furious as any of his satire ever has.“CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America,” the far right radio host Rush Limbaugh told his audience. “No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values,...
Source : Sydney Morning Herald |
Category : International

Save like Dave Ramsey...just don't invest like him

Radio giant Dave Ramsey knows debt and savings, but some of his advice drives pros nuts.Normally he uses that skill in the service of doling out financial advice to the more than 7.7 million people who tune in to his radio show every week, which makes him the third-most-popular radio personality in the country, behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and ahead of Glenn Beck. Or to the thousands more...
Source : cnn |
Category : Personal Finance

University of Michigan hopes app promotes wellness

ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Can a smartphone app help students feel less isolated and depressed?released an app to promote student wellness and linking students to health-centric events on campus, according toThe app also includes talks and videos aimed at helping students lower stress, news alerts and inspirational messages. For students with an emergency, it has a one-touch dial button that links students...
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Category : Science N Technology

Conservative Radio Hosts Fight Immigration Reform - And John Boehner

2007, a coordinated campaign of outrage by conservative talk radio hosts over then-President George W. Bush’s push to enact comprehensive immigration reform helped topple the bill. Ashows that people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity made immigration the biggest topic on their programs, and succeeded in killing reform. Now they plan to do the same with the current effort at reform.Fifty conservative...
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IIT-K students organise quiz for school students

'Ek-Sparsh Prakriti Ka' a group of students of IIT Kanpur, on Sunday, organised a quiz event for students. 12 students of city schools were able to clear the final round of the quiz. For the final round of the quiz, the IIT-Kanpur students had conducted an exam in the Opportunity School for the students. Around 500 students appeared for the exam among which only 12 could clear it. The quiz witnessed...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Kanpur