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Namo tea stall in Haryana

HISAR: The man who started his career as a tea vendor and went on to become BJP's PM candidate has now inspired a 45-year-old man in Haryana to open a tea stall in Hisar and name it after Gujarat chief minister"Gujarat chief minister and BJP's prime ministerial candidate Modi was a tea vendor, and I am sure he will become thethis time. After hearing his speech recently, I also decided to open a tea...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Hisar

Graduates spend up to an hour each day making tea and coffee for colleagues

Making an impression: The average graduate worker spends a total of five hours every week making coffee and tea for their colleaguesJohn Major, Theo Paphitis and Chris Moyles all started their successful careers from the humble beginnings of doing the office tea rounds.But those now entering the world of work spend up to an hour every day getting coffee and tea for their superiors, new research has...
Source : dailymail |
Category : International

VIDEO: First Scots tea plantation opens

Scottish tea company has created the country's first commercial tea plantation.The Fife-based Wee Tea Company has grown plants which will be used to make specialist Scottish blends.This...
Source : BBC |
Category : International

Bar review: Dilmah T Bar

Dilmah T Bar: Gourmet teas (Hot, Iced, Cocktails, Mocktails) & High tea...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Health

All roads lead to this tea party

A soon-to-be-held tea party will teach enthusiasts about the whys and hows of blending different kinds of teas. If you aren’t invited, here’s a quick, private lessonMonsoon is the perfect time to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. But tea enthusiasts can go beyond that and also learn about different kinds of tea. Silverspoon Gourmet, in association with Tea Trunk, is hosting a tea party where...
Source : Mid-Day |
Category : Relationship

Kenya tea outdo Assam tea in Pakistani market

tea seems to be losing to Kenyan tea in the Pakistan market. India's strategy to export high quality Assam teas to Pakistan has received a jolt as the neighbouring country is not keen to purchase this quality of tea at a higher price from India.KOLKATA: Indian tea seems to be losing to Kenyan tea in the Pakistan market. India's strategy to export high quality Assam teas to Pakistan has received a jolt...
Source : The Economic Times |
Category : Business

Our top 7 teas and their health benefits

you've been wondering about all the new teas in the supermarket, then it's high time you expand your tea knowledge. Learn more about the different types of teas and their health benefits.This tea is considered the best tea, if you want to lose weight. It is made from steamed tea leaves. Green tea contains a high dose of EGCG. This compound has powerful properties, which prevent various diseases likeof...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Health

Starbucks to open 'tea bar' in New York City

file photo, an employee makes tea at Teavana in the Trumbull Mall. Starbucks, which bought the tea chain last November for $600 million, plans to open its first tea bar in New York City.Photo: Lindsay Niegelberg, STNEW YORK -- Starbucks is trying to make tea trendy, with plans to open its first "tea bar" in New York City.The Seattle-based company says Teavana Fine Teas + Teavana Tea Bar will serve...
Source : News Times |
Category : Business | City : National

Juhu's latest teaspot is hot!

a quaint space, nestled in a Juhu bylane, Tea & Tea offers a heady mix of options for the intrepid tea loverFor Indians, tea drinking has not just been a way of consuming an aromatic beverage, but more like a way of life. It’s been an accompaniment in conversations, a warm dose on cold mornings and often, a source of bonding.With the opening of Tea & Tea, a place all things tea, we found a space, which...
Source : Mid-Day |
Category : Relationship

3 ways tea helps you to get gorgeous

have dry skin, simply spray the face with some cold, green tea. It hydrates the skin and removes impurities.Place a used tea bag in the frdge and then place it under the eyes. The caffeine in tea shrinks blood vessels and reduces puffiness/dark circles.Rinse your hair using black tea or green tea. It can reduce breakage, stimulate hair growth.Using a black tea foot soak is said to help smelly feet....
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Life Style
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