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Big companies look to buy from women entrepreneurs

One of the biggest challenges that women entrepreneurs face is in getting a share of the procurement that big companies do....
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Business

434 candidates woo 46 million Karnataka electorate (Election Special)

Karnatakas 46 million electorate is spoilt for choice as 434 candidates, including 21 women, woo them, with political parties rolling out their big guns...
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines

Its official! Its more expensive to be a woman than a man

Though men have become conscious about their looks, women are still the big skincare spenders these days, a new survey has...
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines

Reebok India targets 40 per cent of total sales from women customers

Fitness brand Reebok India is targeting 40 per cent of total sales from women customers as it plans to open 100 fit-hub concept stores by April, 2014."There is a big emphasis on focusing on women consumers. We are seeing big increase in the percentage of women's business we are targeting 40 per cent business from women's stores as we open 100 fit hub stores by April 2014," Adidas Group India managing...
Source : Ndtv |
Category : Others | City : New Delhi

Police struggle to hire female officers who want to carry guns, claims Britain's most high-ranking p

Woman PCs don't want to carry 'great big guns' says Britain's most senior female officer'It hurts me to say it as an old-school feminist, I do believe in our society and culture, fewer women who join the police actually want to be armed'Male culture: Cressida Dick, Britain's most senior female officer, says women are put off armed units because they do not want to carry 'big guns'Fewer women want to...
Source : dailymail |
Category : International

Well: Moving Against Heart Disease

When it comes to heart disease risk, lack of exercise is a bigger factor than weight or smoking in women over 30....
Source : The New York Times |
Category : Others

Jessica Simpson's fashion empire

Jessica Simpson has emerged as a competitor to the big-name brands, with a hugely successful women's fashion line....
Source : CNN |
Category : Business

How to Lift Like a Man Without Looking Like a Man

One of the biggest misconceptions of the weight lightingworld is that lifting heavy weights will make women look like Arnold – or worse, Arnoldin a skirt. For that reason alone, millions of women are missing out one of thewomen should put down the weightsthat are lighter than their toddlers, let's look at some big misconceptionssurrounding women and weight lifting.Women have less testosterone than...
Source : usnews |
Category : Health

Blake Lively replaces Katherine Heigl in movie

Blake Lively will soon be back on the big screen as an ageless woman in the romantic drama The Age of Adaline....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines

Hungry men are more attracted to larger women: Study

has revealed that hungry men find bigger women more attractive especially those with fuller breasts....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines
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