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Vastu for your home

Vastu expert Namrata Agarwal shares tips you can use to bring harmony in your living areaIt's not always possible to make structural changes in keeping with the mandates of Vastu shastra. Often referred to as a science of construction and architecture. However, there are a few things that you can do to create a balanced environment. We get Vastu expert Namrata Agarwal to give us a few pointers for...
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Vastu Shastra, Auspicious Signs or Symbols

are certain signs and symbols in Indian culture that are considered auspicious. Vastu Shastra, too, promotes these signs as auspicious. However there are several signs that are thought to be auspicious, such as, cross in Christian religion, crescent moon and a star in Islam, key in Russia, Arihant in Jainism and others. Swastik in the Hindu religion as well in Vastu Shastra is an auspicious symbol.The...
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Ludhiana turns to ancient wisdom of vaastu

LUDHIANA: City residents are tapping the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra these days. The, which focuses on building structures that can harmonize energies, is very much in demand in Ludhiana.learned about the resurgence of Vastu the hard way. Her designs, which were made after many sleepless nights and countless cups of coffee, were dismissed in a minute. Moreover, the rejection did not come from the...
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Filmmaker Satish Kaushik launches 1st Vastu franchise centre in

MahaVastu, an established brand and the leader in the domain of Vastu, today launched the first franchise centre in the city in the presence of Bollywood producer, director and actor,Satish Kaushik. With the launch of its first franchise centre in the financial capital of India, MahaVastu has started corporatizing Vastu Shastra -- an ancient Indian art of creating happy environment in buildings....
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Film Maker Satish Kaushik Launches first Maha Vastu centre in Mumbai

MahaVastu has started corporatizing Vastu Shastra , an ancient Indian art of creating happy environment in buildings."Today the financial capital of modern India has received an essential catalyst to create another boom in Indian Economy."Said Vastu guru Khushdeep Bansal on the launch event. The event also witnessed the presence of "Mr. India" fame and producer, director and actor, Satish Kaushik....
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Well versed with Marathi,Gujarati, Hindi & English, he gives guidance in Astrology & Numerology. He is an expert at giving accurate tips on Share Markets and Vastu, guidance on matters related to career, love and job. Uses the Paramparik as well as K.P.system of astrology.He writes articles on subjects related to astrology. He has a huge number of satisfied clients. Awarded with below mentioned ti...
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Buy a wonderful business and not just a stock!

We said in Stock Shastra #1 that...
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Accursed Building, Vastu Shastra

More or less for every human being a residential building is his heart where he wants to lead his life in prosperity. To meet this end it is necessary to choose for a building or a plot of land that is harmonized and the energy levels are positive. However it is not before 21 days that the building starts getting animate or organic. It takes at least 21 months to generate the energy levels. When one...
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Constructions of Religious Temples, Vastu Shastra

the ancient science of architecture has also laid some basic rules for the construction of the temples.It is very important to choose a proper site for building religious Vastu temples.A plot where there is a sea, river, tank, lake etc. in the east or the north direction, such a plot is the best place. This can be called, as because of this, there is natural slope in the east or the north directions.If...
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Vastu Shastra expert joins missing Malaysian jet search

vistaWhile scores of vessels and aircraft are still scouring the seas of southeast Asia for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, a Vasthu Shastra expert has claimed the aircraft will be found on or before Saturday., a Chennai-based astrologer and Vasthu Shastra expert, told the Malaysian Star Wednesday that he was making the prediction based on the current alignment of the planets, the sun and sta...
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