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Iran makes pitch for tourists as Americans languish in its prisons

Iranian women walk along the southern beach on the island of Kish in the Persian Gulf, south of Tehran. (Reuters)It’s not quite “I Love New York,” but there’s a new campaign under way to promote tourism to a location with culture, history and beaches galore.The only problem is the pitchman is President Hassan Rouhani, and the location is Iran, where at least two Americans languish in prison on dubious...
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Search for share prices

Luck Steel Tubes Limited manufactures and exports galvanized sheets and coils, towers, hollow sections, coils, pipes, and tubes in India and internationally.and...
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Pack your bags! 8 places to travel to this year

Andrew Dharmaraj tells S Saraswathi where readers should be going this year to unwind.Visit Corbyn's Cove Beach -- 9 km from Port Blair, the capital -- a palm-fringed beach, ideal for swimming and sun-bathing.The Andaman Water Sports Complex offers water and adventure sports like water-skiing, boats, water scooters, tube rides, etc.Watch the heroic saga of the Indian freedom struggle brought alive...
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'The Wallis' Gets a Star-Studded Opening

Marshall Heyman attends the inaugural festivities with celebrities galore for Beverly Hills's new performing-arts center....
Source : WSJ |
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Freebies or welfare? Jury’s out

Parties dole out inducements galore during elections, but support isn’t Guaranteed    ...
Source : Times Of India |
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Fashion Week Parties: Warm Up

Surface to Air, MADE Fashion Week and Galore Magazine get a jump start on the partying.    ...
Source : The Money Times |
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No Magic Wand

track record of Mr. Modi in providing a business friendly government in Gujarat is well known, but challenges galore for the new government...
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Use of stomach feeding tubes in children can lead to persistent gastrocutaneous fistulae

Use of stomach feeding tubes in children can lead to persistent gastrocutaneous fistulaePediatric patients with intestinal failure often need gastrostomy tubes, or feeding tubes inserted into an opening created in the stomach, for long-term nutrition. The use of such tubes can lead to persistent gastrocutaneous fistulae, or the failure of the opening to close on its own, resulting in a need for surgical...
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Ocean glow stick: Sea worm emits strange blue glow

Here, the parchment tube worm glows green under a black light. Its natural blue glow is difficult to capture on camera.also known as the parchment tube worm for the paper-like tubes it builds for itself and lives within throughout its life secretes a bioluminescent mucus that makes it glow blue.Now, scientists are a step closer to understanding the mechanisms behind the worm's glow.The parchment tube...
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Behind The Deal: Benteler Steel/Tube Chooses Louisiana For First U.S.-based Operation

Behind The Deal: Benteler Steel/Tube Chooses Louisiana For First U.S.-based OperationBenteler’s Louisiana hot-rolling seamless steel tube facility will be capable of producing up to 320,000 tons of steel tube product annually.In 2011, Benteler Group, a 135-year-old Austria-based company, was exporting up to 25 percent of its steel tube production to the United States. This high concentration of export...
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