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Solar activity responsible for no more than 10 pc of global warming

changes in solar activity have contributed no more than 10 per cent to global warming in the 20th century....
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'Everest glaciers in Tibet have shrunk due to warming'

mGlaciers on Mount Everest in Tibet have shrunk by 10% over the past 40 years due to global warming, a Chinese researcher said todayin Tibet have shrunk by 10 per cent over the past 40 years due to global warming, a Chinese researcher said today, warning that, a researcher at the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said the data was based on long-term remote sensing...
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Crop Pests Will Likely Spread Toward Poles As Earth Continues To Warm

suggests that global warming could help crop pests spread toward the North and South causing crop pests to spread toward the poles at a rate of nearly 1.8 miles per year. Currently, pests are taking down about 10 to 16 percent of the global crop production, but if the global warming trend continues then this percentage will only climb higher.The researchers based their findings on 50 years...
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Cutting greenhouse emissions can help in reaching UN's target on global warming: Report

VaCutting greenhouse emissions can help in reaching UN's target on global warming: ReportThe world has a likely chance of meeting the UN's target on global warming provided it cuts annual greenhouse gas emissions 40-70 per centby 2050, a top expert panel said Sunday.provided it cuts annual greenhouse gas emissions 40-70 per cent by 2050, a top expert panel said Sunday.The cost will not be crippling,...
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Tense final stretch for UN climate talks after tumultuous first week

Climate activists roll a giant Globe during an environmentalist march to campaign against global warming, in downtown Warsaw, Poland, Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013. The demonstration coincides with a two-week United Nations conference that is to prepare groundwork for a new climate deal expected in 2015. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)Climate activists shout slogans during a march to campaign against global warming...
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El Nino may be partially responsible for global warming since 1950s

suggested that a natural shift to stronger warm El Nino events in the Pacific Ocean may be responsible for a substantial portion of the global warming recorded during the past...
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Earth to get hotter despite global warming slowdown

earths climate would continue to warm during this century, on track with previous estimates despite the recent slowdown in the rate of global warming, a NASA study...
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Rising levels of water vapour in atmosphere amplifies Global Warming

increased water vapour concentration in the atmosphere contributes in global warming...
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Frequent destructive storms as global warming intensifies

Intense and destructive storms are likely to occur more frequently as global warming intensifies, Greenpeace...
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US, BASIC seal climate change deal; G-77 sees red

Non-binding deal for combating global warming has US stamp...
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