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Bausch & Lomb Recalls Eye Ointment

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.'s Bausch & Lomb unit has recalled about 850,000 tubes of an eye-care ointment because some tubes contained tiny crystal particles that could injure the cornea.Bausch & Lomb said Friday it believed the crystal particles formed when the tubes of Muro 128 ointment were exposed to freezing temperatures during shipments last winter....
Source : WSJ |
Category : Others

Ancient extinct fossil returns to life in New Zealand

Wellington, May 29 (IANS) A tiny marine animal thought to have died out four million years ago has turned up alive in waters off the top of New Zealand's South Island, scientists said Thursday.Called Protulophila, the "living fossil" formed a network of tiny holes in the chalky tubes of marine worms called serpulids, Xinhua reported citing the New Zealand government's National Institute of Water and...
Source : News Track India |
Category : International | City : Agra

Researchers Build World's First Carbon Nanotube Computer

This wafer contains tiny computers using carbon nanotubes, a material that could lead to smaller, more energy-efficient processors. Credit: Norbert von der Groebencomputer, validating the concept of carbon nanotubes as a potential replacement for the conventional silicon chips used in modern electronic devices.material comprised of tens of thousands of tiny tube-like structures that can fit inside...
Source : Red Orbit |
Category : Science N Technology

Search for share prices

Luck Steel Tubes Limited manufactures and exports galvanized sheets and coils, towers, hollow sections, coils, pipes, and tubes in India and internationally.and...
Source : Yahoo Finance |
Category : Personal Finance

Fashion Week Parties: Warm Up

Surface to Air, MADE Fashion Week and Galore Magazine get a jump start on the partying.    ...
Source : The Money Times |
Category : Others

‘XStat’ Device: Tube Filled With Tiny Sponges Can Stop Gunshot Wound Bleeding In 15 Seconds

‘XStat’ Device: Tube Filled With Tiny Sponges Can Stop Gunshot Wound Bleeding In 15 SecondsNobody understands the urgency of plugging a bullet wound better than a soldier. Military personnel are trained to pack gunshot wounds as quickly as possible using gauze – it’s the only way to stop the bleeding in the crucial moments after a soldier has been hit.But the process is often time-consuming and painful,...
Category : Business

Freebies or welfare? Jury’s out

Parties dole out inducements galore during elections, but support isn’t Guaranteed    ...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : National

'The Wallis' Gets a Star-Studded Opening

Marshall Heyman attends the inaugural festivities with celebrities galore for Beverly Hills's new performing-arts center....
Source : WSJ |
Category : Others

Bubble Wrap Serves As Sheet Of Tiny Test Tubes In Resource-Limited Regions

Bubble wrap can serve as an inexpensive alternative to full-size test tubes. Credit: American Chemical Societymight be the most enjoyable thing about moving. But now, scientists propose a more productive way to reuse the popular packing material — as a sheet of small, test tube-like containers for medical and environmental samples. Their report, which shows that analyses can take place right in the...
Source : Red Orbit |
Category : Health

Computer made from tiny carbon tubes

Shulaker with Cedric, the first carbon computer: "There is no limit to the tasks it can perform".The first computer built entirely with carbon nanotubes has been unveiled, opening the door to a new generation of digital devices."Cedric" is only a basic prototype but could be developed into a machine which is smaller, faster and more efficient than today's silicon models.Nanotubes have long been touted...
Source : BBC |
Category : Science N Technology
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