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Biogasoline now made from plant wastes

Chemists have developed a new process that could help make gasoline-like fuels from cellulosic materials like farm and forestry waste...
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Deadly Illegal Mining Booms Below South Africa’s City of Gold

man thought to be a "zama-zama" carries a sack of waste material as he scavenges for gold dust among mining debris at the closed Blyvooruitzicht gold mine near Carletonville.A man thought to be a "zama-zama" carries a sack of waste material as he scavenges for gold dust among mining debris at the closed Blyvooruitzicht gold mine near Carletonville.A man thought to be a "zama-zama" carries a sack of...
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Indian cities choke on construction, demolition waste: NGO

counterparts.While construction necessitates enormous amount of construction material that accounts for about half of all materials used, it is also responsible for generating about half of the solid waste that degrades the land and environment, the CSE said after a day long conference on "Waste to Resource"."The government must immediately notify standards for this material, use legal provisions on...
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Your future furniture could be made from living cells

currently developing living materials from biological particles, which can be used in everyday things....
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Green body orders closure of 34 hotels in Kullu Manali

Taking cognizance of pollution taking place in Beas river, National Green Tribunal (along river banks, found throwing its waste material in the river. Tribunal had found that these hotels were causing pollution in the river through dumping of waste material and other means.found that these hotels had not obtained required permissions from the state environment conservation and pollution control board....
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From plastic to power - Turning Waste Into Resource

Plastic is one of the toughest materials to get rid of and trash around cities is a common sight. What if this waste be turned into a resource and help the environ? Michael Gallant reports on such an attempt.By turning waste into oil, Priyanka Bakaya and PK Clean work to make landfills obsolete.Countless bottles, bags and other plastic trash clog landfills around the world—but what if that same material...
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Kidney Stones And Symptoms

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs in your abdomen which form a part of the urinary tract. They are responsible for filtering waste products and useful chemicals from your blood and eliminating the waste products into the urine. Without the kidneys, waste products and toxins would build up to dangerous levels in the blood and damage your body.Kidney stone is hard stone and crystalline material...
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Insanitation at Harha Sarai market hits Diwali shopping

One of the biggest and popular wholesale market of the candles, lights and other decorative items, Harha Sarai, is facing insanitation. The narrow lanes of the market are scattered with garbage and other waste materials. Not far from the market, huge pile of solid waste including animal waste fromnot only is proving troublesome for the shoppers but also posing serious health threats for visitors and...
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Large blaze at recycling centre

More than 70 firefighters are tackling a large blaze involving 2,000 tonnes of waste material at a recycling centre on the outskirts of Cardiff.The incident at the Atlantic Waste Management site in Newton Road, near Rumney, began at 01:30 GMT on Friday.South Wales fire service said the blaze, involving plastic and timber, was likely to take days to deal with.A spokesperson said waste was burning along...
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Radiation affects 13 US nuclear plant employees

WASHINGTON: A total of 13 employees of a New Mexico underground nuclear waste site were exposed to radiation, test results have shown.The workers tested positive for americium-241, an isotope prevalent in the type of radioactive waste — transuranic waste containing mostly plutonium — at the nation's first underground repository for such also used in commercially available smoke detectors...
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