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Googles new tool lets you create own Street Views

Google has reportedly introduced a new tool that allows users to create their own Street View images and share them using Google Maps....
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Google Maps Street View Captures Last Photo Of Deceased Woman: 'Grandma Alice' Lives On In Virtual W

Google Maps Street View Captures Last Photo Of Deceased Woman: 'Grandma Alice' Lives On In Virtual WorldGoogle Maps Street View has provided a man in Portland, Ore., with what may be the last photograph of his deceased grandmother.that he likes to spend his downtime taking in views of Oregon using Street View, a feature of Google Maps that shows panoramic views of locations around the world. Moore...
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Now, navigate The Colorado River on Google Street View maps

Google has added the Colorado River to its virtual mapping service, Street View....
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Google adds Grand Canyon to Street View

Google has reportedly added virtual trip to the Grand Canyon in its Street View mapping service....
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Google loses appeal in Street View snooping case

Oct. 27, 2010 file photo, an employee drives a Google Maps Street View vehicle around Palo Alto, Calif. Internet giant Google's Street View project has raised privacy concerns in several countries. Attorneys suing Google for enabling its camera-carrying vehicles to collect emails and Internet passwords while photographing neighborhoods for the search giant's popular "Street View" maps look forward...
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Google Street View Comes to Malaysia

Google said Wednesday that it will start capturing images in Kuala Lumpur for Street View, the Google Maps feature that allows users to explore an area through 360-degree panoramic street-level images. It will then continue across the country over the next few years.Google said Wednesday that it will start capturing images in Kuala Lumpur for Street View, the Google Maps feature that allows users to...
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Google Street View Invites Users to Create Their Own Street View Collection

A new Google tool will let Street View visitors string together their own images to build personalized Street View collections.Google Street View has unveiled a new tool that will let users build their own Street View image collections from their own photographs." capability was announced by Evan Rapoport, product manager for Google Maps and Photo Sphere, in a Dec. 9 post on the"Have you ever tried...
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With Google's Photo Sphere, users contribute photos of remote spots

Google wants to turn your smartphone into a Street View camera and help it take 360-degree images of every nook and cranny on Earth.Daniel Filip, left, an engineering manager, and Luc Vincent, engineering director for Google Maps, look up at a camera on a Google Street View car.Mounted on cars, bikes and even snowmobiles, Google Street View cameras have been scouring the globe taking panoramic pictures...
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Google Street View driver flees accident and crashes into TWO more cars before finally giving up fea

Google Street View driver who fled accident fearing £11 repair bill crashed into TWO more cars before finally giving upThe wrong kind of hits: The Google Street View driver crashed into two minivans and another parked van before giving up (file pic)With its easy to search directions and accurate maps Google Street View has become a friend to drivers worldwide.Except for three drivers in Indonesia whose...
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Google launches DIY street view

Users can now turn their own images into a street view tour and share them onlineA new Google Maps feature lets users create and share their own "street view" paths from photos and location data, opening up the functionality to people without Google's express approval for the first time.feature, users can turn a panoramic photo into one contiguous image, replicating what Google's Street View cars do...
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