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PICS: Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan's 'fluctuating' love story

Rahul Mahajan, son of famous politician Pramod Mahajan, found his love for life Dimpy Ganguly on a reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. The couple became a part of the history by getting married on national television. Rahul Mahajan, who was a divorcee, had chosen his second bride among the fifteen contestants who had come to marry the self-proclaimed TV personality.Rahul Mahajan, son of famous...
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Rahul likes it simple, Dimpy prefers colours

Mahajan Jr's minimalism and his wife's opulence find common ground in their home.Mahajan's South Mumbai flat is a perfect example of the cliche that opposites attract.While Dimpy loves to fill her life and everything around with colours, Rahul prefers to keep it minimal. In fact, he had restricted himself to the basic shades of white and black until recently. Slowly but steadily, Dimpy has managed...
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Are Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan headed for divorce?

Buzz is that Rahul Mahajan's marriage has hit a sour note for the second time. Sources imply that he and Dimpy Ganguly — they had got married on a reality show on March 6, 2010 — will soon be separated legally. Reason: Dimpy's alleged relationship with a Dubai-based guy, who owns an event management company.Says a friend of the couple, "It seems Dimpy knew her current boyfriend even before her marriage...
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Rahul Mahajan And Dimpy's Divorce Filed By Mutual Consent

Dimpy, who got married on a reality show in 2010 have filed for divorce by mutual consent.Rahul, the much talked about son of Pramod Mahajan, shot to limelight after he allegedly overdosed on cocane a month after his father's death made news when he married Dimpy on a reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega.A couple of years after his cocane incident, he divorced his first wife Shweta Singh, who had...
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Dimpy And Rahul Mahajan File For Divorce

Reality TV couple Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan’s marriage has hit the rocks and they have filed for divorce. According to reports, the couple apparently wanted to skip the mandatory counseling and six-month separation period as Dimpy was likely to go abroad in the near future....
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Rahul and Dimpy file for divorce

Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan, who in 2010 became the first couple in the country to marry on reality TV, have filed for divorce by mutual consent.The couple sought to jump the queue for the mandatory counselling and thereby skip the six-month cooling off period on the ground that Dimpy was likely to go abroad in the near future. But the Family Court Judge IM Bohari rejected their plea on Thursday, saying...
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Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly file for divorce

whogot married on the reality show way back in 2010 has filed for divorce onmutual consent. Rahul married Bengali girl Dimpy on the reality show, ‘RahulDulhaniya Le Jayega’ but their marriage hit the rock last year when Dimpyaccused her husband of torturing her physically and mentally and lodged a policecomplaint against him.Following the incident, Dimpy left Rahul’shome but later Rahul apologized...
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Dimpy Ganguly, Rahul Mahajan heading for divorce

, son of latepolitician Pramod Mahajan found the love of his life Dimpy Ganguly on thereality show, ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega. Both married on the nationaltelevision which was witnessed by millions of TV viewers across the globe. The marriagewas one of its kinds as first time in the history of Indian television a couple tied the knot on TV. But who knows that the fairy tale marriage will have such...
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Celebs with failed marriages

Karisma Kapoor and her husband, Delhi-based industrialist Sunjay Kapur, have decided to file for a legal separation by mutual consent.Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan, who in 2010 became the first couple in the country to marry on reality TV, have filed for divorce by mutual consent.Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan's marriage of 13 years, a subject of much discussion of late, is over....
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The Telegraph

Mumbai-based Dimpy, wife of Rahul Mahajan, “had no idea about the extension” but like Daft Punk’s recent hit, she “got lucky” at Shisha. “A person like me, who has no fixed working hours, can get over with work at 4am and if don’t feel sleepy, can at least m |Today is September 15, Agatha Christie’s birthday. Here’s how to feed your inner Christie obsessive without blowi |Two fashion people — entrepreneur...
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