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Aruna Manikandan Recipe Listing

Aruna loves cooking and specialises in recipes from South India. Aruna shares her healthy, nutritious, vegetarian recipes with the world through her blog...
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Unusual Diwali recipes: Oats Gateaux, Jaggery Rajma and more

here are some more really interesting recipes for you to share with your loved ones.(Subject: Diwali recipes) with your name, hometown and any interesting details about the origin of the recipe, along with a photograph if possible. We'll publish the best preparations right here on(Subject: Diwali recipes) with your name, hometown and any interesting details about the origin of the recipe, along with...
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'India may dream in Hindi but aspires to write in English'

Atlanta."India may dream in Hindi, sleep in Hindi, but it aspires to read in English. The population of Hindi readers is much fewer than English readers in India,"JAIPUR: India may dream in Hindi but aspires to write in English, is the argument presented by"India may dream in Hindi, sleep in Hindi, but it aspires to read in English. The population of Hindi readers is much fewer thanShe was participating...
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Govt says Hindi on social media only for Hindi-speaking states

Facing criticism from various sections, government on Friday said the use of Hindi on social media is only for states speaking the language and is not being imposed on non-Hindi-speaking states. “Use of Hindi on government of India’s social media platforms is only for Hindi-speaking states. Hindi is not being imposed on non-Hindi-speaking states,” an official spokesperson said.“Existing policy on Hindi...
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Easy dinner recipes: Mac 'n' cheese ideas for Meatless Monday

was one of our top recipes of the year. Recipe: Best ever mac 'n' cheese (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)Could it possibly get any better than mac 'n' cheese for dinner? Probably not. Which is why we've included not one, but three mac 'n' cheese recipe options for your dining pleasure. You're welcome.This creamy version contains no less than four kinds of cheese. Recipe: Queen and Diva's mac...
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5 Healthy Recipe Pitfalls

When you see the word “lighter” or “healthy” on a recipe title, you assume that it is the better-for-you choice. But that isn’t always the case, given that the term “healthy” is pretty subjective. There is no true definition as to what a healthy recipe is. There may be a 400-calorie dinner recipe deemed healthy, and there may be a 850-calorie dinner recipe deemed healthy – yes, I have seen it! However,...
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Researchers investigate whether food blogs provided nutritionally balanced recipes for public or not

More people are cooking at home, and more people are finding their recipes online via food blogs. The photos of dishes posted on the blogs, however, may attract potential cooks more than the nutritional value of the recipes. In addition, many food companies sponsor these sites, so the recipes become advertisements for their products. This has the potential to change the healthfulness of the recipe...
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Aristocrat's 350-Year-Old Chocolate Recipes Discovered In England

lecturer at the University of Leicester has discovered 350-year-old English recipes for icedthat the 17th-century recipes could be just as dangerous as they were delicious. The recipes discovered were collected by the Earl of Sandwich in 1668.Loveman said one of the recipes is like a solid and very dark version of the iced chocolate drinks you get in coffee shops.“Freezing food required cutting-edge...
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Dholes kill Sambar at Kalakkad forest

carcass of an adult Sambar was found at Kalakkadu Reserve Forests in this Southern district, today. Forest officials said the department had been informed that the carcass of male Sambar was lying near Pachaiyar dam across River Pachaiyar that originates from the Kalakkadu reserve forests. Based on the information, forest officials team rushed to the spot and recovered the carcass....
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Tvm zoo proposes culling of deer, CZA disposes

zoo officials' idea to introduce selective breeding and scientific slaughtering of sambar deer as an alternative to sterilization has not gone down well with the(CZA). The officials here mooted the proposal in the wake of the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the state. Since sambar deer is among the most susceptible species to FMD virus and its excessive number has been a source of concern, the ...
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