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Exchange holi gifts and celebrate the festival of colours

All the colours of rainbow descend upon earth to play Holi with people. The festival of colours brings lot of joy & enthusiasm; the season is a gentle demonstration of nature's soft and beautiful facet to all creatures. Time to take a plunge in pools of colourful & scented waters. It's time to celebrate Holi!All the colours of rainbow descend uponearth to play Holi with people. The festival of colours...
Source : Merinews |
Category : Business

'Rare' upside down rainbow spotted

Unlike normal rainbows, the colours are in reverse order with violet on the top and red at the bottom.The circumzenithal arc, or Bravais' arc, was photographed at Bowood Golf Club near Calne early on Saturday.Created by sunlight bouncing off ice crystals high in the atmosphere, it is hard to spot inverted rainbows as they appear so high in the sky.A Met Office spokesman said: "They are seen relatively...
Source : BBC |
Category : International

Daley and beau Black get matching socks for X-mas

Daley and his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black got the same matching rainbow socks for Christmas.The 19-year-old diver and the 39-year-old screenwriter both posted pictures online of themselves wearing the toe socks, a leading newspaper reported.Along with the picture, Daley joked that the rainbow colours of his gay icon apron and matching socks were the running theme of his Christmas.While screenwriter...
Source : Zeenews |
Category : Sports | City : London

Taj Lit Fest: A tale of love, loss and laughter

hearts are filled with joy when we spot a rainbow in the sky on a rainy day. Colours splashed across the blue canvas make for a beautiful sight.was one such melange of colours. The 3-day fiesta brought together a host of authors, artists, actors, students and enthusiasts from far and near. We share a few highlightsMJ Akbar's keynote address was a powerful one. The soothing sun and the open-air warmth...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Life Style

Diamonds change colour to increase market share

Think of a diamond and the image that pops up in your mind is of a sparkling colourless stone. But now that the diamonds are changing colour, consumers in India and abroad too have changed impression about the sparklers. The diamonds now come in a rainbow of colours. They are available in red, ocean blue, icy whites, pink, black and purple colours.Diamantaires in Surat and Mumbai have shifted their...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Surat

GS Breakdown - Rainbow Six Siege Impressions

Aaron and Ryan discuss some of the tactics and details that were revealed during several rounds of Rainbow Six Siege.Rainbow...
Source : Game spot |
Category : Games

Our kaleidoscopic sun: Nasa image reveals the star's rainbow colours that are invisible to the naked

Our kaleidoscopic sun: Nasa image reveals the star's rainbow colours that are invisible to the naked eyeNasa has released an incredible image that shows the dizzying array of colours that can be seen emanating from the sun in wavelengths that cannot be seen by the human eye.It was made possible by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, using the wide range of wavelengths that the telescope can...
Source : dailymail |
Category : Science N Technology

Salman Khan As Bhau In Lai Bhaari

Watch out for Salman Khan as Marathi Bhau in ritesh Deshmukh's Marathi Debut Movie Lai Bhaari....
Source : yahoo |
Category : Entertainment

Bollywood and Marathi film stars watch Riteish Deshmukh's 'Yellow'

special screening of Riteish Deshmukh's newly released Marathi film 'Yellow' saw celebrities from Bollywood and Marathi filmdom in attendanceComments...
Source : Mid-Day |
Category : Relationship

Aamir Khan open to Marathi films

actor-filmmaker Aamir Khan says he is open to do Marathi films as long as the scripts offered to him are interesting."I can get along well with Marathi. If I get a good script, why not," he said here."Language has never been a barrier for me. I have learnt Marathi, so it will help my Marathi (speaking skills), but that's not why I will do a Marathi film. The material has to excite me," he added.On...
Source : Newkerala |
Category : Sports | City : Mumbai
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