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Facebook adds way to tag TV, music

It's not hard to dash out a Facebook status update saying how much you're digging "House of Cards" or the new Lorde song....
Source : CNN |
Category : Business

Target sued over credit card breach

retailer Target is being sued by at least 11 customers over a credit card security breach that saw details of more than 40 million cards stolen.The lawsuits, each seeking class-action status, were filed in US courts in recent days and seen by the BBC.Meanwhile, major US banks have moved to limit damages by restricting spending on debit cards.Security researchers said the stolen card numbers had been...
Source : BBC |
Category : Business

French far-right party marches toward European elections, rallying support at annual gathering

French far-right party marches toward European elections, rallying support at annual gatheringThousands of people have joined French far-right leader Marine Le Pen in her party's annual march, their sights set on European elections this month after rousing victories in local voting.Le Pen, who has taken her party from pariah status to mainstream, laid a wreath Thursday at the statue of Joan of Arc,...
Source : Fox News |
Category : Others

Pune based blogger Soham Sabnis brings you the unkown facets of the city; Kale pens

Pune based blogger Soham Sabnis brings you the unkown facets of the city; Kale pensFountain pens or ink pens take me back to the school days. The time when there used to be a certain level of competition to buy fancy pens and boast about ‘Who has the best ink pen?’ among your friends. I paid a visit to this shop today, a small, insignificant setup, near Dagdusheth Halwai Temple. Kale pens, one of the...
Source : DNA |
Category : Headlines | City : Mumbai

The pen toppers that double up as CUTLERY

pen toppers that double up as cutlery (but mean you may never leave your desk again)It sounds like a boss' dream: pen toppers that double up as cutlery meaning a worker never has to leave their desk at lunchtime again.The Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set is made of plastic and includes a fork, spoon and knife topper.They can each be slotted onto the end of any standard ballpoint pen, meaning the pen can be...
Source : dailymail |
Category : International

A different kind of gift

gifting store in Bangalore is leading the change in inclusivity for the differently-abled.From top: Pen and paper, word blocks and training sheet for the visually challengedIn April this year, 25-year-old J Suresh Reddy received a birthday card that made him extremely happy. It was, after all, the first birthday card he had ever received. “I will keep this with me always. I now no longer have to rely...
Source : DNA |
Category : National | City : Pune

Credit card signatures to be phased out

will need PINs, not pens when they're making a credit card purchase from August 1.Under changes designed to reduce fraud, all major credit card holders will need to remember a four-figure PIN code.While many people have been making the transition over recent years, it will now be mandatory - signatures will no longer be sufficient.Visa's country manager for Australia Vipin Kalra said the move is part...
Source : Sydney Morning Herald |
Category : International

Internet cafe owner held for selling porn

Task Force sleuths arrested a man for downloading and distributing porn videos. Acting on a tip-off, sleuths raided 'Universal Internet' in Jirra, Tappachabutra, on Monday and caught its owner Mohammed Sardar Ali, 25, downloading porn and copying the videos on to memory cards and pen drives to sell them. Cops seized a computer and a memory card and handed Ali over to Tappachabutra police.We...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Hyderabad

Japanese Firms promote business with social responsibility in Asia

Japanese credit card brand JCB issued the first prepaid card in partnership with PVB card corporation and the city of Bacoor in Philippines....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines

Apps pair with smart pens to bring digital handwriting

a note is written with the smart pen, it is simultaneously visible in the app and accurate to a pixel, according to Appelhof.AMSTERDAM: Writing with pen and paper is entering the digital world thanks to new apps that work with smart pens to capture the written word and share and edit the content.New apps take what people write or sketch on paper with a smart pen and enhance it with highlights, graphics...
Source : The Economic Times |
Category : Science N Technology
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