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Lalu Prasad, Sharad Yadav undergo tests at AIIMS

who were admitted to AIIMS, underwent a series of tests at the hospital on Saturday.Ultra sound and CT scans were carried out on Yadav, 66, and his blood sugar was constantly being monitored."We are working towards bringing down his blood sugar to normal. His condition is stable," doctors treating him said.Prasad, 65, underwent echocardiography, ultra sound, chest X-ray and blood tests. His blood pressure...
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Instant blood report

was a long serpentine queue inside Stella Maris College for getting the ‘Instant blood group report’. Students didn’t know they had to attach their blood group report with the application form. The report was to fill up the ID cards. Those who did not have their blood group report were provided a facility for blood tests within the campus. This proved beneficial, especially for those who had come from...
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Category : City | City : Chennai

Bionic Pancreas Outperforms Insulin Pump

NIH Grantees Test Device for People with Type 1 Diabetes to Replace Fingerstick Tests, Manual Insulin Injectionswho used a bionic pancreas instead of manually monitoring glucose using fingerstick tests and delivering insulin using a pump were more likely to have blood glucose levels consistently within the normal range, with fewer dangerous lows or highs. The full report of the findings, funded by...
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Lakshmi to undergo another blood test

once against undergo blood test to confirm that it is fit and can be transferred toChief minister Akhilesh Yadav who is expected to visit Kanpur zoo on January 15 would have a look at the pair of Asiatic lions. It is expected that the lions would be send to Lion Safari after the blood test report.Director, Kanpur zoo, K Thomas said that the blood test of the lioness would be done to check her health...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Kanpur

Pervez Musharraf reported to be in ICU at army hospital, undergoes blood tests for suspected heart a

Pervez Musharraf reported to be in ICU at army hospital, undergoes blood tests for suspected heart ailmentPervez Musharraf reported to be in ICU at army hospital, undergoes blood tests for suspected heart ailmentLocal media reports are saying that he is suffering from a heart-related ailment that he experienced while heading towards a special court for a hearing of treason case filed against him.Former...
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Category : Headlines | City : Mumbai

The simple copper levels blood test that tells if those senior moments will turn into Alzheimer's

The simple copper levels blood test that tells if those senior moments will turn into Alzheimer'sA simple blood test that checks copper levels in the blood may help predict whether senior moments will develop into forgetfulness (library image)A simple blood test can help predict whether senior moments of forgetfulness will eventually develop into Alzheimer’s.The test checks for copper levels in the...
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Category : Health

Alere starts urgent recall of some blood clot test strips

Alere Inc said it initiated a voluntary recall of certain blood clot test strips in the United States following reports of nine serious adverse events that included bleeding related to the death of three patients.The test strip, PN 99008G2, measures how long it takes blood to clot in patients taking blood thinner warfarin and is used with Alere's INRatio2 PT/INR monitor.The health diagnostics and services...
Source : Reuters India |
Category : Health

DC Avanti spotted testing in Maharashtra

The first made-in-India supercar, the DC Avanti, was spotted testing near Satara, Maharashtra. The car has been designed and developed by DC Design in our country. DCThe DC Avanti is a completely new car unlike other cars from the renowned car design house which have an existing car as a base and have modifications done to it. DC Design might be conducting some final tests on the production version...
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Category : Automobile

Simple blood test could detect cancers

highly sensitive blood test may help detect cancer tumors, Medical News Today reported.Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine attempted a new approach to detecting cancer tumors— a blood test that uses tumor DNA as a biomarker., the test correctly identified around half of patients with stage 1 lung cancer and all patients with stage 2 or higher.These findings show promise for the use...
Source : Fox News |
Category : Health

BP reading above normal may up risk of stroke

new study has found that any blood pressure reading higher than the normal 120/80 mmHg may increase the risk of stroke....
Source : Newkerala |
Category : International
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