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How to Link Facebook and Twitter

link Facebook and Twitter accounts so you only have to make a status update in one place. Learn how to link Facebook and...
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Need a laugh? Let this website come up with your next Facebook status

"What Would I Say?" is a new website that creates Facebook statuses based on your past posts.If you need some comic relief, check out "What Would I Say?" a new website that generates Facebook posts based on your past status updates.The website goes through your past posts to get an idea about the things you talk about and how you write. Click "Generate Status" to create new posts, and you'll likely...
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Facebook Tweak Promises More Posts From Friends

New Facebook feed bows to users' preference for posts from friends over posts from pages they've liked, and tells page owners to try using images with their posts.Facebook announced a change to its newsfeed algorithm that will show users more text-based status updates from friends and fewer text-based status updates from pages that users follow.According to Facebook product manager Chris Turitzin,...
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George Takei’s Facebook Endorsement Of Christine Quinn Gets Big Dislike From Fans

George Takei’s Facebook Endorsement Of Christine Quinn Gets Big Dislike From FansOh my! Facebook phenom George Takei took heat from his usually loyal fans on Wednesday after posting a status update expressing his support for New York mayoral candidate Christine Quinn.The “Star Trek” actor turned Facebook luminary experienced a rare blowback from his loyal fans on Wednesday after he posted a status...
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'What Would I Say?' App: What Is The New Facebook Game And How Does It Work?

it's hilarious."What Would I Say?" is probably popping up all over your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as it's one of the hottest new games to hit social media in recent memory.accounts, then they are presented with two buttons: an orange one reading "Generate Status" and a blue one stating "Post To Facebook."When a logged-in Facebook user clicks the orange button, the site instantly creates a status...
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The 6 Facebook status updates that can actually change your mood

emotions are spread by social media 13 Mar 2014 New face of feminism: ordinary people 12 Mar 2014actually like to be a midwife today? 11 Mar 2014 Malala: Teens, don’t use Facebook to get ‘likes’ 08 Mar 2014ME’ status This is the self-congratulatory Facebook status almost everyone will have seen on a Facebook newsfeed. It is normally accompanied with an explanation of why said person’s life is so f...
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Airtel offers free Facebook access in 9 Indian languages

Bharti Airtel announced that it will now offer free Facebook access in 9 Indian languages to its prepaid customers across India.Airtel mobile customers who are Facebook users on the Mobile (browser or app) will be able to view or upload photos, post status updates, comment and write on walls, message others in their favourite language - be it Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu,...
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How Facebook status updates reveal if you're a PSYCHOPATH

Facebook reveals if you're a PSYCHOPATH: Status updates about prostitutes, decapitation and pornography can indicate a 'dark personality'For most people, most of the time, Facebook is a bright and breezy place where they share holiday and baby photos and brag about great parties they’ve been to.But the social media site has a darker side, because a new study reveals that status updates can reveal a...
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Updating status on Facebook, taking selfies most annoying habits for Brits: Study

updating status on Facebook and posting selfies are the most annoying habits in Britain....
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Millennials in love more likely to update Facebook status

said that Millennials, who are in love, are more likely to update their Facebook status....
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