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NASAs Curiosity Rover finds iron meteorites on Mars (With Image)

significant finding, NASAs Mars rover Curiosity has discovered its first meteorites on the red planet, which scientists have named Lebanon and its smaller companion Lebanon B....
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Aussie men named sexiest by travel dating website

Aussie blokes have been named as the hottest on the planet ahead of Italian and British by a travel dating website Miss Travel....
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Now, public can start naming Mars 500,000 craters

After years of naming landmarks on the Red Planet by themselves, space mission rover teams now wants the public to get involved in Mars exploration much the same...
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Kerala named among top 10 holiday destinations

Travel guides publisher Lonely Planet has named Kerala among the worlds 10 best destinations for taking the family on a holiday in 2014....
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Nine Tamil Nadu Viduthalai Padai members convicted in Puthur police station attack case

Nine Tamil Nadu Viduthalai Padai members convicted in Puthur police station attack caseCHENNAI: A special court at Poonamallee near Chennai on Thursday convicted nine members of the erstwhile Tamil Nadu Viduthalai Padai (Tamil Nadu Liberation Army or TNLA) for carrying out an attack at the Puthur police station in Cuddalore district, almost 23 years ago.The attack dates back to April 6, 1991. Nine...
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Mercury crater named after John Lennon

among the 10 famous people who are having craters on Mercury - the planet closest to the Sun - named after them.It is unlikely that Mercury's surface is populated with "tangerine trees and marmalade skies," but the famous British musician who coined that phrase now has a physical presence on the planet closest to the Sun.'Lennon' is one of ten newly named craters on the planet, joining 114 other craters...
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Nassar's Son Turns Bhasha

name, Bhasha is memorable for Tamil audience for one strong reason. Well, it is the name of Rajinikanth's landmark action movie.'s son Luthfudeen has been rechristened as Bhasha, the name that every Tamil cine-goer will remember. The young actor is being introduced by directorand Nassar, has finalised the name. Sources say that it is a powerful name and the director has got many words to share about...
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Doctor Who fans petition to name newly-found planet 'Gallifrey' after home of the Time Lord

Who fans set up petition to name newly-discovered planet 'Gallifrey' after home of the Time Lords - and it's already got 80,000 signaturesAs if plans to send a TARDIS into space weren’t enough, now Dr Who fans want to name an entire planet in honour of the show.Fans of the programme, known as ‘Whovians’, have set up a petition to name a recently discovered gas giant ‘Gallifrey’ after the home of the...
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Category : Science N Technology

Mercury crater is named Aneirin

One of the largest features on the planet Mercury, a crater 466 km (290-mile) wide, has been named Aneirin after a 6th Century Welsh bard.So far 372 craters on the planet have been named after deceased writers, artists, poets and composers.The names of other craters include Byron, Burns, Debussy, Hemingway, Lennon, Shakespeare, Tolkien and Yates.Aneirin was suggested by Prof Dave Rothery, a planetary...
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Category : International

Nine new trains for Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu gets nine new trains out of the 72 announced by Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge in the interim budget for the next fiscal presented in parliament...
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Category : National
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