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University bungles TYBA exam schedule again

when it was released on September 21 with a long list of bloopers, from wrong names of papers to wrong paper numbers. The paper on Theory of Sampling became Stratified Sampling while Paper X (history of Marathas) was listed as Paper VII to name a few of around 30 errors.It has taken the university over two weeks to put the corrected time-table on its website — just five days before the exam begins...
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British officials report two people infected with TB by pet cat

England's public health agency says two people have caught tuberculosis from a pet cat, the first time the bacterial disease has been documented to spread from cat to human.In a report published Thursday, Public Health England said it concluded TB samples taken from the cat and from two people in contact with the animal were "indistinguishable" and that the cat was considered to be "the likely source...
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BCA Entrance Exam Question papers - Sample papers - Previous Question Papers

an exciting professional discipline offering numerous career opportunities. The basic aim of completing the degree is that is provides good working knowledge in Database and Internet Applications. The objectives of the programme shall be to provide sound academic base from which an advanced career in Computer Application can be developed. Conceptual grounding in computer usage as well as its practical...
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Grumpy Cat and feline friends debut new online cat video in Hollywood

Famous Internet cats gathered at a Friskies event in Hollywood on Tuesday. From left: Grumpy Cat, Nala the Blind Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat (on iPad), Colonel Meow and Nala.A who's who of famous Internet cats descended upon Hollywood on Tuesday, led by Grumpy Cat, the perpetually sullen-looking feline.Oskar the Blind Cat, Colonel Meow and Nala Cat were also on hand, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat...
Source : Los Angeles Times |
Category : Science N Technology

Doubts persists over captured tiger being a man-eater

samples of 10-year-old tiger that was suspected to have turned into a man-eater and was later captured in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in the district, did not have human DNA in its body after samples were tested. The super cat was captured at Chikabargi village on fringes of Bandipur Tiger Reserve in the district recently after it reportedly killed three people. It had been shifted to Mysore...
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Zoo sends fresh serum samples of lioness for test

zoo authorities have sent fresh serum and blood samples of Asiatic lioness Lakshmi for pathological tests at Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Bareilly, a month after it was treated for Leptospirosis.IVRI scientist had detected leptospirosis in its blood samples sent in July. Lakshmi is one of the big cats to be shifted to Lion Safari in Etawah in February next year.Talking to TOI, director,...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Kanpur

Feline fans flock to London's first cat cafe

in an area east of the city's financial district. "There's not many places inyou can just curl up with a book and chill out with a cat or two on your lap," she said Friday. "I think that's what our success is down to." Cat cafes first took offLONDON (AP) — Would you like some kitten with your coffee? Feline company is exactly what one of London's newest cafes is offering — and stressed-out city-dwellers...
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Does today’s paper smell like baby powder?

Consumer goods often advertise in newspapers and sometimes provide free samples in mini sachets, but have you ever received a newspaper that smells of baby powder?In an attention grabbing move today, Johnson & Johnson advertisement in a leading newspaper in Bangalore emphasizes on its brand recall with it’s unique baby fragrance not with samples but the paper itself smelling of it’s baby powder. Did...
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What's new, pussycat? The growing economy of internet cat videos

Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat and other felines are helping cats (and their owners) build careers on and off YouTubeThe Grumpy Cat book has spent 10 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list. Photograph: Amanda Edwards/WireImageThe economy of internet cat videos? Yes, it’s a real thing. The Internet Cat Video Festival? Another real thing. A “meme manager” whose job is to build online brands for Keyboard...
Source : Guardian |
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Antibiotic Resistance Genes Found in Fossilized Human Feces from 14th Century

UrologyViruses containing genes for antibiotic resistance have been identified by French researchers in a fossilized fecal sample from 14th century Belgium."This is the first paper to analyze an ancient DNA viral metagenome," says Rebecca Vega Thurber of Oregon State University, Corvallis, who was not involved in the research.The viruses in the fecal sample are phages, which are viruses that infect...
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