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Atlanta's twin giant panda cubs turn out to be female

Giant Panda Lun Lun picks up her panda cub Mei Lun to nurse him as her other cub Mei Huan sleeps at her feet at the Atlanta Zoo in Atlanta, Georgia November 14, 2013.(Reuters) - Atlanta Zoo officials said on Friday that twin giant panda cubs, the first to be born and survive in the United States, have both turned out to be female.The zoo, which initially had identified both cubs as male after they...
Source : Reuters India |
Category : Others

Watch viral video of baby Panda pestering sleeping brother with pokes and nips

you have a sibling, you will surely empathise with this little sleepyhead here. In this cute 53 second-clip we see one of the two panda cubs, Mei Huan, nudging it's sleeping brother Mei Lun. While Mei Lun chooses to ignore his brother's, gestures, the latter refuses to give in and resorts to some mild nips too. It's endearing to watch the fur balls rolling all over each other. The four-month-old Panda...
Source : DNA |
Category : National | City : Mumbai

Patient wins $250,000 in damages over botched operation

Li Siu Lun had the nerves in his right hand severed and reattached without his consent during an operation to separate fused tendons. -- PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAOA patient who successfully sued Gleneagles Hospital after its nurse helped a doctor cover up additional surgery he performed to cover up a botched hand operation, was on Thursday awarded $250,000 in damages.But the court turned down Mr Li Siu Lun's...
Source : Straits Times |
Category : International

Instagram acquires video-sharing app Luma

Photo and video-sharing site Instagram has reportedly acquired video-sharing app Luma which allows users to capture and add filters to videos....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines

NUKE TALKS STALEMATE Rouhani says uranium enrichment 'red line' for Iran

VIDEO: World leaders split on Iran nuclear talks VIDEO: Israel slams Iran nuclear talks...
Source : Fox News |
Category : Headlines

Google Hangouts Going HD, May Enter Enterprise Market

has begun to upgrade its Hangouts video conferencing feature to include 720p HD video, thanks to a switch from the H.264 video codec to VP8, an open source and royalty free video codec introduced in 2010. The switch allowed Google to begin offering 720p video without taxing users’ processors.This video efficiency also opens the door for Google to begin offering the same high-quality video to mobile...
Source : Red Orbit |
Category : Science N Technology

First YouTube Video Turns 9: 'Me At The Zoo' Uploaded In 2005, Leading To Worldwide Success For The

First YouTube Video Turns 9: 'Me At The Zoo' Uploaded In 2005, Leading To Worldwide Success For The Video Sharing SiteWednesday marks nine years since the first video on YouTube was uploaded to the web.The video titled “Me at the zoo” was uploaded to the video sharing website by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim on April 23, 2005 at 8:27 p.m. according to its description. The short 18 second video features...
Category : Business

This Is The World's First 24-Hour Music Video

Musical artist Pharrell just released the music video for his new song "Happy". The video is being dubbed as the world's "first 24-hour music video"., you can literally listen to the song for 24 hours against a full day of video footage. The video encourages you to share specific moments of the video on Facebook or Twitter.By encouraging viewers to interact with the content, both break the traditional...
Source : News Times |
Category : Business

YouTube Rewind: What India watched in 2013

2013 comes to close, the list of top videos is a good reflection of the popular, fast growing and buzzing videos of the yearMovie trailers, short film, popular tv shows, cricket, made for web videos and nursery rhymes made it to the top the 10 trending videos of the year on YouTube in India.As 2013 comes to close, the list of top videos is a good reflection of the popular, fast growing and buzzing...
Source : Indiainfoline |
Category : Business

Snoop Dogg transforms into Pokemon character for new video

Snoop Dogg has been transformed into a video game character for his new Pokemon-inspired music video....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines
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