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Atlanta's twin giant panda cubs turn out to be female

Giant Panda Lun Lun picks up her panda cub Mei Lun to nurse him as her other cub Mei Huan sleeps at her feet at the Atlanta Zoo in Atlanta, Georgia November 14, 2013.(Reuters) - Atlanta Zoo officials said on Friday that twin giant panda cubs, the first to be born and survive in the United States, have both turned out to be female.The zoo, which initially had identified both cubs as male after they...
Source : Reuters India |
Category : Others

Two And a Half Men to wrap up with 12th season

and a Half Men is about to end its 12 year long run,...
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines

Kiwi man takes up 99-character-long name post losing bet

man from New Zealand Man had officially changed his name into 99-caracter-long name, after he lost a bet....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Entertainment

Anti-Smoking Work Cuts U.S. Deaths as Global Market Grows

cookies.About 5.3 million men and 2.7 million women live longer thanks to tobacco control,About 5.3 million men and 2.7 million women live longer thanks to tobacco control, according to one of six studies on the topic published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.About 5.3 million men and 2.7 million women live longer thanks to tobacco control, according to one of six studies on...
Source : Bloomberg |
Category : Health

Andrea Coombes' Ways and Means: Retirement crisis is a catastrophe for women

If there’s a retirement-savings crisis in the U.S., women will bear the brunt of it.They tend to earn less money than men, and to leave the workforce more than men do to care for others. Plus, thanks to longer life spans, women, on average, need more money to fund a longer retirement.“Women face the reality of longer lives with fewer financial resources to fall back on. They need more than men, but...
Source : Marketwatch |
Category : Personal Finance

Watch viral video of baby Panda pestering sleeping brother with pokes and nips

you have a sibling, you will surely empathise with this little sleepyhead here. In this cute 53 second-clip we see one of the two panda cubs, Mei Huan, nudging it's sleeping brother Mei Lun. While Mei Lun chooses to ignore his brother's, gestures, the latter refuses to give in and resorts to some mild nips too. It's endearing to watch the fur balls rolling all over each other. The four-month-old Panda...
Source : DNA |
Category : National | City : Mumbai

Patient wins $250,000 in damages over botched operation

Li Siu Lun had the nerves in his right hand severed and reattached without his consent during an operation to separate fused tendons. -- PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAOA patient who successfully sued Gleneagles Hospital after its nurse helped a doctor cover up additional surgery he performed to cover up a botched hand operation, was on Thursday awarded $250,000 in damages.But the court turned down Mr Li Siu Lun's...
Source : Straits Times |
Category : International

Spidey sequel goes splat

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” swings into theaters and nearly splats against a wall with an over-saturated plot and way too many villains.Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone return as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey in this long – very long – two and a half hour long – did we mention its long? – sequel. They didn’t quite use their spidey-sense in the cutting room.One problem is “Spider-Man 2” isn’t quite sure...
Source : Fox News |
Category : Headlines

Online vice ring: 2 fail in appeal bids

first two men to appeal against their jail sentences for having commercial sex with a minor in a long-running online vice-ring case failed in their bids...
Source : Straits Times |
Category : International

Meet the man with 9.8 cm long tongue

British man was able to reclaim the world record for longest tongue, after he found out that it has gotten even bigger....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Headlines
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