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What is the National Pension System (NPS)?

the name suggests, NPS (formerly New Pension Scheme) is a pension system that was launched by the government on April 1, 2004....
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Can I take a one-off lump sum from my widower's pension?

need to raise some money, can I take a one-off lump sum from my widower's pension?I need to raise some capital, can I take a one-off payment from the pension or transfer these benefits?Final salary pension schemes vary in the benefits they can provide, so you will need to get in touch with your late wife's pension scheme to discuss whether this would be possible., said that in most cases there is no...
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Trustees want protection when blocking pension transfers to suspected liberation schemes

Pension scheme trustees plead for legal protection so that they can refuse transfers instigated by shady liberatorsAngry: Pension-holders often become angry with their pension scheme provider when they delay or block transfers to suspected liberation schemes, and could take legal action.A panel of industry experts has called on The Pensions Regulator and the Pensions Ombudsman to give trustees and...
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Chhattisgarh amends eligibility criteria for pension schemes

Raipur, June 30: The Chhattisgarh state government has amended the eligibility criteria of two monthly pension schemes catering to about 8 lakh beneficiaries in the state, Social Welfare Department officials said here today.The eligibility criteria for the Social Security Pension Scheme and Sukhad Sahara Pension Scheme under which 7.93 lakh people get monthly pension has been amended, an official ...
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Rajya Sabha passes Pension Bill: How it affects you

Rajya Sabha today passed the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill, which will help extend pension cover to more citizens of the country through PFRDA's New Pension Scheme (NPS).The main objective of the bill is to help extend pension cover to more citizens of the country through PFRDA's New Pension Scheme (NPS). Currently just 12 percent of the workforce in the country has...
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Private sector access to NHS pension

government may extend the NHS pension scheme to private companies or charities who mainly look after health service patients.It has begun a consultation on proposals to allow access to the pension scheme from April 2014.It says opening up NHS services in England to greater competition means the issue of fair dealing over pensions should be addressed.The NHS pension scheme has more than 2.5m members...
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HMRC improves pension liberation security checks

HMRC finally beefs up system to combat scammers who set up bogus work schemes to 'liberate' you pension earlyHMRC has announced that as of today it would be scrapping its 'process now, check later' registration process, in a bid to prevent the creation of pension liberation schemes that can decimate peoples' retirement savings., as the previous system made it all too easy for pension liberators to...
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Auto-enrolment pensions 'not enough'

Concerns have been raised that insufficient pension savings are being put into new, auto-enrolment workplace pensions.Nearly three million people have been signed up under the scheme, the Pensions Regulator is expected to announce later.For many, the scheme means some money is being put aside for retirement for the first time.Automatic enrolment started in October 2012. A slice of an employee's pay...
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Pensions 'betrayal' of Britain's widows: Millions being left penniless by single life annuities that

Pensions 'betrayal' of Britain's widows: Millions being left penniless by single life annuities that do not pay out to a surviving partnerWomen can be left facing disastrous financial consequences when pension schemes 'die' with their husbands, a pensions expert has claimedMillions of widows are being 'betrayed' by pension schemes that 'die' with their husbands, a former government adviser warned ...
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Pension Bill: Things you should know

landmark Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill has finally got the long-awaited assent of the Lok Sabha.Let us now look at highlights of the bill and how it will help boost the contributory retirement program, the National Pension Scheme (NPS), the India’s answer to the US’ retirement scheme 401(K).The Pension Bill will provide more powers to the Pension Fund Regulatory and...
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