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The Future Is Not Always Bleak When It Comes To Aging And Cognition

Picture this: You pick up your cell phone to call a close family member, someone you know well and speak with on the phone often. Every time, you physically enter the phone number; you know this number by heart and have for many years. Suddenly, though, you can’t remember the number to save your life. You stare at the phone, bewildered by the forgotten number. Frustration seeps in, and you feel your...
Source : Red Orbit |
Category : Health

Warnings over text-sharing apps

Android text-sharing apps exploit the unlimited texting part of mobile contractsWarnings are being issued about Android apps that exploit a phone's ability to send unlimited numbers of text messages.The apps are proving popular because they claim to reward phone owners for every text message they relay.But, say security firms, the apps can relay huge numbers of texts via a phone and lead to its number...
Source : BBC |
Category : Science N Technology

Hackers claim to expose phone information of 4.6 million Snapchat users

Phone numbers paired with user names of over 4.6 million alleged Snapchat users were posted online by hackers, a few days after a security research group claimed a vulnerability in the social sharing service that could allow attackers to match phone numbers to Snapchat accounts.“This database contains username and phone number pairs of a vast majority of the Snapchat users,” said a post on website...
Source : PCWorld |
Category : Science N Technology

Snapchat says sorry for the hack, with a tweak to its app

Snapchat has incorporated a phone number opt-out feature into its mobile app in response to a recent hacking incident—the company’s latest effort to convince users that their personal information is which hackers made off with the usernames and phone numbers of more than 4 million users. A vulnerability in Snapchat’s system allowed the hackers to match phone numbers with Snapchat accounts,...
Source : PCWorld |
Category : Science N Technology

Judge pulls no punches in ruling against NSA program

Judge Richard Leon ripped into the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Security Agency in his Monday ruling that the NSA’s controversial collection of U.S. telephone records may violate the Constitution.On the NSA’s policy of searching for phone numbers no more than three hops from a suspect’s phone number: “It is likely that the quantity of phone numbers captured in any given query would be...
Source : PCWorld |
Category : Science N Technology

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel may have been among compromised users

CEO Evan Spiegel may have been among the 4.6 million users of the service whose phone numbers were exposed by hackers.Snapchat co-founder and Chief Executive Evan Spiegel may be among the 4.6 million users of the service whose user names and phone numbers were exposed this week by hackers., the user name is listed among those whose corresponding phone numbers were leaked. Spiegel's Twitter handle is...
Source : Los Angeles Times |
Category : Science N Technology

Hutchison-O2 Wins EU Approval on Pledge to Help Irish Rival

cookies.Merging O2 with Hutchison’s Three Ireland, will shrink the number of phone companies in the country from four to three.Merging O2 with Hutchison’s Three Ireland, will shrink the number of phone companies inMerging O2 with Hutchison’s Three Ireland, will shrink the number of phone companies in the country from four to three.EU regulators won’t finalize their clearance untilHutchison signs a...
Source : Bloomberg |
Category : Science N Technology

Merkel’s phone could have been bugged for four years by US

Berlin: German intelligence has said that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone could have been bugged by the US for four years.According to a report, the Chancellor’s phone number was listed on documents leaked by former National Security Agency operative Edward Snowden.Merkel was using a Nokia phone from October 2009 whose number was listed on the documents, however, the new phone that she started...
Source : Zeenews |
Category : International

Now, share your email ID, cell No. with taxman

Taxpayers filing their income tax returns this year will have to share their email IDs and mobile phone numbers with the tax department....
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Headlines

NTL’s entry paves way for fancy numbers on cabs

is believed that fancy phone numbers bring luck, but for call taxi operators in the city they are good for business. This explains the logic behind BSNL's fancy landline number 20002000 being picked by a taxi operator for 34lakh.for a fancy telephone number shows the potential of the business and its rising significance in the city's transportation needs.In the business world, a phone number with high...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Chennai
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