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Surya-Jyothika Celebrate Seven Years Of Togetherness - Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Surya-Jyothika Celebrate Seven Years Of Togetherness - Happy Wedding Anniversary!is celebrating his seventh wedding anniversary. The actor married Kollywood diva Jyothika in 2006. The couple is blessed with two children - Diya and Dev.It is said that Surya and Jyothika were initially very good friends. Their friendship later blossomed into love and finally culminated into marriage. The lovely couple...
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50 pc parents think their childs weight is normal, even if its not: Study

of two parents ignore their childs weight problems and feel that his or her weight is normal, even if its not....
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Jennifer Hudson cuts ties with weight loss brand

Jennifer Hudson recently announced that shes parting ways with weight loss brand Weight Watchers....
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Tips to lose weight and keep it off

Every overweight person would agree that losing weight is an uphill battle and maintaining the weight loss is a completely different story....
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Symptom: Obesity

an independent condition.Obesity can also arise due to various underlying conditions.Excess weight or unexplained weight gain needcareful professional medical attention for correct diagnosis.The following list of conditionshave 'Obesity'...
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Lingonberries accelerate weight loss

Research has revealed that lingonberries, black currants and bilberries may help in shedding weight while acai berries resulted in weight gain....
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Teenagers in indoor tanning may develop eating disorders

Schoolchildren using indoor tanning may develop unhealthy weight control behaviours such as taking diet pills or vomiting to lose weight, an alarming study...
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Maintaining Weight With Self-monitoring, Counseling and Gym Access

found that a weight maintenance program which included access to the gym, counseling and self-monitoring went a long way in helping Black women maintain their weight. As compared to overweight White women, Black women at the same weight carried a reduce risk of weight-related health problems. Further, black women were happier with their bodies and did not stress themselves much about losing weight....
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Skinny no more – A healthy weight gain diet

While it’s true more people want to lose weight than gain it, putting on weight is not as easy as it looks; in fact it’s more difficult to put it on. Nutritionist Neha Chandna agrees, ‘Weight loss is easier at times as it requires portion control, but weight gain is a slower process – you can lose up to 1 kg/week but adding 1 kg/week may be tedious.’You have two options – either gain weight by munching...
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Men's health: 5 easy ways to lose weight

Most of us face the same problem, we have sitting jobs and the weight just isn't under control. Here are few tips to lose weight in easy steps.Most of us are fighting the issue of weight loss. And our modern lifestyle only adds to the woes. And if you are not the types to hit the gym and sweat it out at every ounce of weight gain, try these simple yet effective ways of weight loss.Say no to eating...
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