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Modi Backers Sway to Drums, Daub Elephants Amid Poll Lead

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.An Indian mahout adorns the trunk of an elephant with a party logo in the vicinity of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headquarters in New Delhi. Photograph: Roberto Schmidt via AFP/Getty ImagesAn Indian mahout adorns the trunk of an elephant with a party logo in the vicinity ofAn Indian mahout adorns the...
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Category : Business

Rampaging elephant smashes down Indian family's house as they slept... then returns to lift wreckage

Rampaging elephant smashes down Indian family's house as they slept then returns to lift wreckage from trapped baby after hearing its screamsA rampaging elephant demolished a house in a remote Indian village before saving a baby trapped under the rubble.The incident took place in Purulia district of the east Indian state of West Bengal, a region where man-animal confrontation is a regular phenomenon.The...
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Elephant electrocuted

late on Friday night when its trunk entangled in the wires of an irrigation pump in, Garbeta. The elephant, aged around 12-13 years, belonged to a herd of about 150 Dalma pachyderms that entered West Midnapore from Bankura.On Friday, a herd of elephants crossed Kestopur village. While returning to Kestopur forest, a female elephant accidentally stepped on a tube well, where a live wire was connected...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Raipur

Indian jumbo loses loyal friend Shand

Prince Charles with his brother-in-law Mark Shand (left) during a visit to the Vazhachal Forest Range, Kerala, in November last yearThe beleaguered Indian elephant has lost probably its most loyal friend with the death in New York from an accidental and freak head injury of Mark Shand, 62, younger brother of the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles’s brother-in-law.His love affair with Indian elephants...
Source : Telegraphindia |
Category : National | City : Mon

IIT KgP launches food in tube

Feb 17 : The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KgP) recently launched food in tube for kids, owing to the increasing rate of malnourished kids in India.The food which is in tube is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and other vital nutrients.According to reports, 55 percent of children in rural India and 45 percent in urban population are severely malnourished.After launching the food...
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Category : City

War elephants conscripted in WW1

Lizzie the elephant became a regular sight on the streets of Sheffield during World War OneAs war raged during World War One, the military purchased most of England's horses and sent them to the Western Front. Many farmers and traders had to find alternative beasts of burden, but none more exotic than elephants.On the cobbled streets of industrial Sheffield an Indian elephant dutifully lumbered al...
Source : BBC |
Category : International

Deforestation, Tough Laws Heaping Massive Losses on Domestic Elephant Owners in Tripura

UrologyDeforestation, Tough Laws Heaping Massive Losses on Domestic Elephant Owners in TripuraThe toughening of the Indian Forest Act and rapid deforestation in the region has led to massive losses for domestic elephants and their owners in Damcherra village in TripuraMahouts and elephant owners say the profitable business which involved pachyderms carrying and loading wooden logs does not find much...
Source : Medindia |
Category : Health

Dead Indian elephant Joyraj mourned

based animal welfare advocate has joined Indian wildlife lovers in paying tribute to a giant 73-year-old retired working elephant who died earlier this week in India.Joyraj, a majestic 3.35m tall elephant had lived and worked in Kaziranga National Park, in Assam state.Elke Riesterer told the BBC: "There was a great soul residing in that massive grey body.""I was very fond of this elephant and I am...
Source : BBC |
Category : International

Search for share prices

Luck Steel Tubes Limited manufactures and exports galvanized sheets and coils, towers, hollow sections, coils, pipes, and tubes in India and internationally.and...
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'China wakes up, cracking down on illegal ivory trade'

Rahul DassNew Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) There is good news for wildlife lovers. China, the world's biggest consumer of trafficked ivory, has signalled its intent to crack down on the thriving illegal trade by destroying over six tonnes of confiscated tusks and carved pieces, say Indian wildlife experts who see Beijing "turning a new leaf". The move is likely to benefit African elephants more than Asian ...
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Category : National
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