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When should homeschooling start?

Have you helped your kid sing the ABC song or the 'Twinkle Twinkle' rhyme? Have you been a good guide to your child while walking, talking and in self-feeding? If yes, then you have already started homeschooling for your kid, even if you don't agree with it. Every parent 'home schools' their child way before their child starts to go to school, and kids in the process also learn a lot from homescho...
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Category : Life Style

Agricultural Plot / Land for sale in Viralimalai, Pudukkottai

Trichy. Area measuring 7200 sq-feet with 10 kumil teak tress 10 mahokany teak trees 10 malaiveembu trees 10 red sandal trees 50 hybrid amla trees 2 hybrid coconut treesdrip irrigation swimming pools for gents and ladies are separately, kids play and pantry.800sqft vacant landr for guest house rs 130 per sqft onlyAll...
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Study: Eating nuts during pregnancy may reduce baby's allergy risk

Mothers who eat nuts during pregnancy may help build up a baby's tolerance to them after birth, a new study suggests.Eating peanuts or tree nuts during pregnancy linked to lower allergy risk in kids, study says-- The children of women who regularly ate peanuts or tree nuts during pregnancy appear to be at lower risk for nut allergies than other kids, according to a new study published Monday.The study,...
Source : CNN |
Category : Health

4 Botal Vodka, Johnny Johnny inspired from nursery rhymes

over international music, Bollywood composers have found other inspirational stuff that has caught their fancy. Composers are going all out to use nursery rhymes while adding their twist to it. We bring you a few such quirky examples that have given nursery rhymes a whole new meaningIt's Entertainment Penned by Mayur Puri, Johnny Johnny, borrowed from the famous nursery rhyme by the same name, is sung...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Entertainment

LeBlanc teaches Conan slang

Matt LeBlanc grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, where they speak in the New England equivalent of Cockney rhyming slang....
Source : CNN |
Category : Entertainment

Govt says Hindi on social media only for Hindi-speaking states

Facing criticism from various sections, government on Friday said the use of Hindi on social media is only for states speaking the language and is not being imposed on non-Hindi-speaking states. “Use of Hindi on government of India’s social media platforms is only for Hindi-speaking states. Hindi is not being imposed on non-Hindi-speaking states,” an official spokesperson said.“Existing policy on Hindi...
Source : Rediff |
Category : National

'India may dream in Hindi but aspires to write in English'

Atlanta."India may dream in Hindi, sleep in Hindi, but it aspires to read in English. The population of Hindi readers is much fewer than English readers in India,"JAIPUR: India may dream in Hindi but aspires to write in English, is the argument presented by"India may dream in Hindi, sleep in Hindi, but it aspires to read in English. The population of Hindi readers is much fewer thanShe was participating...
Source : The Economic Times |
Category : Business

Apartment Complex in Fonda Goa, India

04 - 2bhk apartment ( 80 sqmt each )01 shop in the front - 10 sqmt .coconut tree .arecanut tree.jackfruit tree.rental income currently.30 k /MonthPlease...
Source : India Properties |
Category : Others | City : Una

Children’s Day celebrations go the musical way this year

Talking trees and elephants, crocodiles and lions, giraffes and jugglers, monkeys and puppets will comeThe musical, presented by Karadi Path Education Company and theatre group Evam Entertainment, will celebrate Indian childhood through stories and songs from Karadi Rhymes audiobooks. The songs, with an interactive script and a mesmerizing soundtrack, will be broughtby a team of professional actors...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Chennai

Foods that can kill

With berries and seeds, taking that advice could be fatal. Campers are taught the mnemonic rhymes, “white, just right” and “red, you’re dead” to warn them away from eating poisonous berries.But this is a common misconception, as not all red berries are toxic and many white berries are poisonous, too. If you’re not careful, you might pick a wild berry that kills you.Considered one of the deadliest trees...
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