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Attack on Vishnu Wagh is a dangerous trend: Goa People's Forum

Goa People's Forum (GPF), a social organization committed to public causes, described the attack on legislator Vishnu Wagh as a 'dangerous trend in introducing the ugly culture of political violence in peaceful state of Goa', to settle petty personal scores.In a press note issued here on Friday evening, GPF convenor Satish Sonak said that in a parliamentary democracy all MLAs are free to move in any...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Panaji

State first to put GPF details online

Government employees in the state will now be able to find out about the status of theirWith the accountant general (AG) Odisha launching the e-statement facility of GPF under which employees in the state can also get information of their GPF accounts through SMS on their mobile phones, Odisha becomes the first state in the country to have either of these facilities.The system has been launched on...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Bhubaneswar

Elizabeth O'Brien's Retire Well: Rebalancing 101: How to keep your portfolio healthy

Modern life is all about striving for balance. We’ve got our work-life balance, our balanced diets, and yes, our balanced portfolios.Picture your portfolio as a pizza pie with toppings that vary by slice. You’ve got slices of stocks, bonds, maybe some alternative investments such as real estate or commodities and cash. In a healthy portfolio, each of these slices will stay close to its original size...
Source : Marketwatch |
Category : Personal Finance

Kotak Mahindra Balance declares dividend

Kotak Mahindra Balance announces...
Source : Moneycontrol |
Category : Mutual Fund

There has to be balanced growth throughout the country: Modi

there should be balanced growth throughout...
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : National

Saving for retirement

Invest your savings in balanced funds for inflation beating returns over long term...
Source : Valueresearchonline |
Category : Others

Candace: Child stars need God

Source : Fox News |
Category : Headlines

Tata Balanced Fund declares dividend

Tata Balanced Fund announces dividend, for which the record date is October...
Source : Moneycontrol |
Category : Mutual Fund

Tata Balanced Fund announces dividend

Tata Balanced Fund announces dividend, for which the record date is December 04, 2013...
Source : Moneycontrol |
Category : Mutual Fund