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How a former IRS officer became victim of Haryana's funny and unpredictable politics?

How a former IRS officer became victim of Haryana's funny and unpredictable politics?Sunita Duggal, a former Indian Revenue Service officer has become victim of Haryana's funny and unpredictable politics. On the assurance of top leaders of BJP she had resigned from her lucrative job and was almost sure to get party ticket from Sirsa Lok Sabha constituency.But bickering between BJP and Kuldeep Bish...
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Narendra Modi's journey in poems, now in English

Sixty-seven poems by Narendra Modi on subjects as diverse as patriotism, love, nature, friendship and progress will be published in English but in none of them does the BJP's prime ministerial candidate speak about politics or his family."A Journey: Poems by Narendra Modi" is translated from Gujarati by author Ravi Mantha.In the book's foreword, Modi writes that his poems are "screams of thoughts"...
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NE poems to feature in Gulzar's project

SILCHAR: Poems from the northeast would feature prominently in lyricist Gulzar's upcoming collection of poems.Gulzar,who was in the city recently, said the project is a labour of love, containing translations of nearly 500 poems composed in various Indian languages. The anthology, expected to be completed by the end of the year, would contain poems written in most of the major languages spoken in the...
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Whiteness - and otherness

Please enable JavaScript to use My News, My Clippings, My Comments and user settings.Legally Brown: Muslim comedian finds the funny in radical, be it jihadists or bogansLegally Brown is an all-new, outrageously funny weekly comedy series which puts politics and culture in the line of fire.was when Nazeem Hussain quipped that white viewers would be “expecting funny accents, jokes about the weird foods...
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In Pics: Funniest Moments in Politics

Empty promises, exaggerated speeches and fake smiles, Indian politicians seem to be having all the fun in the world at our cost. So let’s just turn things around and have a few *LOL* moments of our own with some of the funniest scenes in Indian politics.Please feed the comment box with your valuable thoughts, not with spam or abuse. Help keep this space clean and fun for everybody :-)Note : 5 points...
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Category : Relationship

Celebration of love with 'The Ballad of the Bleeding Bubbles'

Since the publication of Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee's 'The Ballad of the Bleeding Bubbles' fabulous bouquet of love poems, Indian youth seems to be celebrating youthful moment of love by reading and sharing the poems of this beautiful collection.of Ratan Bhattacharjee has created a poetic milestone for Indian English literature of our time. Dora Sales of the University Jaume I Castellon, Spain wrote in...
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Category : Entertainment

Indian Economy: Through the AMUL girl's eyes

Here's a colourful and funny take on the Indian economy since 1976, seen through the best of AMUL ads.Here's a colourful and funny take on the Indian economy since 1976, seen through the best of AMUL ads.Do you want to know where the jobs are right now? Then click here to get hired in one of the bright …Take a look at how the Indian rupee fares against other important currencies worldwide. Check it...
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India's tough defamation, public order laws fell another book

Wendy Doniger's 'The Hindus' is the latest book withdrawn by an Indian publisher because of a lawsuit over its depiction of the religion.A fresco at a temple in Bangkok, Thailand, depicts scenes from the Indian epic poem “Ramayana.” In India, a book that described the poem as fictional has been recalled because of a lawsuit filed by religious conservatives.MUMBAI, India — The Hindu epic "Ramayana"...
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AAP's press conference disrupted, egg thrown at Kumar Vishwas

a press conference in Lucknow. Activists were protesting against his poems which allegedly hurt religious sentiments.Vishwas describes the incident as an attempt of opposition parties which feel threatened with AAP. He refused to take security. He said that he has already apologized for the poems which were rendered by him in various kavi sammelans few years ago when he was not into activism and politics....
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Category : National

Politics of appeasement in India

Appeasement Politics is part of Indian politics. Since the last few years, leaders from BJP are trying to prove that they are not doing appeasement politics like Congress and others whereas the truth is quite different. This term in Indian politics started to gain popularity only after the formation of Sachar Committee by Central government in 2005.I am no one tojudge any political party or anyone...
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