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India, Singapore win 2014 UN Water for Life award (Lead)

have won the 2014 edition of the UN-Waters Water for Life Best Practices Award for their sustainable practices of water resources....
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Some conservation thoughts on World Water Day

At present the biggest need for the survival of life on the planet is to conserve water. Around the globe World Water Day is being observed on 22nd March since 1993. This day is primarily devoted to implement United N..Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink, was the starting line of the chapter "Water" in the science book, during my schooling. Our life has changed a lot, and we find technological...
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Jay-Mahi to shake a leg in 'Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se!'

Actors and real life couple Jay Bhanushali and Mahi Vij will stage a power-packed performance in an upcoming episode of TV show "Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se".The show's current showcases how Shivani, played by Mansi Srivastav, is soon to enter the life of Raghu, essayed by Arhaan Behl. Raghu lives a simple life, while Shivani is used to leading a lavish lifestyle. To ensure that her welcome into Raghu's...
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Rock fisherman drowns at Avalon

rock fisherman who was pulled from the water on Thursday evening at Avalon beach in Sydney's north has died.Just before 6pm, emergency services were called after a man was spotted in the water off rocks down from Marine Parade.A Pittwater council life guard on a jet ski pulled the man from the water, a spokeswoman for Surf Life Saving NSW said."There were a couple of other people who went into the...
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Tank lies idle, residents battle acute water crisis

Residents of Chak Niratul near Chowphatka are battling acute water crisis. People have to travel long distance to fetch water for their daily needs as Jal Sansthan has failed to commission the newly-constructed water tank. On its part, the Sansthan is supplying water through a tanker which has proved inadequate so far.Shyam Sunder Singh Patel lives in the area. He said, "Our daily life has been affected....
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High-profile British phone-hacking trial begins

Flood waters and incessant rainfall in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh disrupt life after Cyclone Phailin hits the eastern...
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Interplanetary dust started life on earth?

Dust from comets, asteroids and leftover debris may have delivered water needed for the eventual origin of life on earth and possibly Mars....
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A Fish Out Of Water Relies On Camouflage To Escape Predation

A male Pacific leaping blenny, Alticus arnoldorum, in Guam. These terrestrial fishes spend all their adult lives on land, on the rocks in the splash zone. They use a tail-twisting behavior to leap about. Credit: Courtney Morgans/UNSWisn’t just one of the odder creatures found on Earth – it’s also emblematic of life’s transition from life in water to life on land.has found these strange fish-out-of-water...
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Beer saves mans life!

Drinking eight cans of beer saved a mans life, as he plunged into freezing waters following a night out on the lash,...
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Vast underground ocean on Saturns moon suggests hospitable habitat for life

uncovered evidence of Saturns moon Enceladus harboring a large underground ocean of liquid water, which suggests that it could support life....
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