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time you pay a little more attention to your credit card statement, advisesUsers of credit cards receive a credit card statement, similar to a bill, every month. Many of us have the tendency to just pay the amount due, without caring to give the bill a proper reading. Sometimes this habit can prove to be costly. Frauds or incorrect payment information may be overlooked.Do you tend to procrastinate...
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Being Wrongly Charged on Your Credit Card? Read This

Getting a credit card statement is a monthly ritual if you have a credit card. Many cardholders choose to ignore these statements assuming that a text message from the bank about the amount to be paid is sufficient information. However, just being unaware of the gravity of information in the credit statements can sometimes be perilous and may land in deep financial trouble in case of some tampering...
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How to deal with mounting credit card debt

Having a credit has shifted from being a fashion statement to a necessity these days. In fact, it's not a question of whether or not to have a credit card, it's about how many. Having multiple cards will also give you the flexibility of usage. When the balance in one card is exhausted, another comes into play. The credit limit of these cards has also increased by a huge margin.But, in the process there...
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Don’t bank on high-tech credit cards

Why the credit card of the future for many Americans will look a lot like the credit card of 2006 for most Europeans....
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Credit card with keypad to eradicate fraud

generation credit card developer is reportedly planning to launch a high-tech version with a keypad to contain credit-card frauds....
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Your Money Adviser: Credit Issuers Making It Easier to Know Your Score

Several credit-card companies have begun providing certain types of FICO credit scores to card holders, free.    ...
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All about supplementary credit cards!

Long ago, taking a loan from the bank was considered as taboo in the society but since the introduction of credit cards it is quite alright to buy things on credit. Later on, a new concept called Supplementary Credit Cards was also brought up to ease up a few more things. Basically, a supplementary credit card is an additional credit card that is issued under your original or primary card. The card...
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More in Singapore finding it hard to pay credit card debt

Posed photo of a person holding 6 credit cards to illustrate the story on saying 'no' to credit card debt. More people are now struggling to pay off their credit card bills, new figures show, as if underlining the need for the tough new rules governing credit card debt. -- ST FILE PHOTO: WANG HUI FENMore people are now struggling to pay off their credit card bills, new figures show, as if underlining...
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This Week In Credit Card News: A More Secure Credit Card, Problems With Credit Reports

Week In Credit Card News: A More Secure Credit Card, Problems With Credit ReportsBy the end of 2015, 70% of U.S. credit cards and 41% of U.S. debit cards will have security chips–calledfor Europay, MasterCard, Visa–according to the Aité Group. Most American card issuers prefer chip and signature which is less expensive and less complicated to issuers than chip and PIN. [Credit reports can make or break...
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How banks make money of your credit cards

Indians are cautious by nature. In comparison to the rest of the world, the usage of credit cards by Indians is relatively low. Banks love borrowers who spend on credit cards. This is because they charge anywhere between 3 to 4% per month on the outstanding amount if you fail to pay the ‘total amount due’ in your credit card statement. This is the most expensive way of borrowing.Jefferies, a UK-based...
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