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Chocolate cake recipe

Chocolate cakes have not earned the name sinfully delicious for no reason. These decadent and extremely rich chocolate laden cake are worth dying for. Layer it with chocolate frosting and they are simply heavenly or serve it with a scoop of your favourite vanilla or chocolate ice cream and it`s a different dimension of chocolate cake eating all together.From kids to grown ups, a majority of people...
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Dessert Recipe: Death by chocolate

can never go wrong. Shahbaz Nawab, owner of Mazgaon restaurant, Aroma Garden shares the recipe of a delicious Death by chocolate cake.or other non-stick paper and grease the tin. (Please note that the cake will rise to 3 inches and collapse somewhat when cooled. If your cake tin is less than 10 inches wide and 3 inches tall we recommend that you use two cake tins.)- Beat the eggs with sugar, mix with...
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10 Baking Essentials That Every Kitchen Needs

bake that perfectly fluffy and moist cake you need the right tools along with a good recipe. Basictrays support your recipe and bring out that gooey chocolate cake or those crisp cookies. Presenting, 10 basicPlease...
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A recipe for disaster! Babies let loose with chocolate bars, spread and cake - with some VERY messy

recipe for disaster! Babies let loose with chocolate bars, spread and cake - with some VERY messy resultsA new YouTube video shows babies letting loose with chocolate - and there's not a clean face or pair of hands in sight.captures infants in action as they gorge on candy bars, tubs of Nutella and cake - much to the amusement of their families.One baby is seen sitting in his high chair plunging headfirst...
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How about that! Cakes made of green tea, beetroot and cola?

all loves cakes, don't we? But the chocolate cake has become so predictable. Or even the butterscotch one. My taste buds have begun to crave for new unusual flavours. If yours do too then here are a few recipes that you are sure to enjoy.This moist and tangy flavoured cake is sure to start off your mornings on a good note. Add a dollop of whipped cream for the extra treat for your taste buds.Add olive...
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Cadbury India introduces thenew Cadbury Bournville

introduction of the newpremium dark chocolate follows an intense revamp process to upgrade the recipe, mould and packaging of the much loved dark chocolate.Chocolate lovers across the country can now indulge in a truly world-class premium dark chocolate as Cadbury India introduces thenew. The introduction of the newpremium dark chocolate follows an intense revamp process to upgrade the recipe, mould...
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L.A.'s best sweets, treats and buttery breads

baker's dozen of favorite neighborhood shops where the house specialty is more than the icing on the cake.A delicious, gluten-free (not flourless) chocolate layer cake is made with buckwheat flour. In between the layers is a milk chocolate ganache, and covering the whole thing is a bittersweet chocolate glaze. Served with slightly sweetened crème fraîche. $55 for a 9-inch cake.Los Angeles, it turns...
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'First' iced chocolate recipe found

the 1600s the iced chocolate recipe was thought to be as dangerous as it was delightfulA university academic says she believes she has uncovered the first English recipes for iced chocolate desserts.Dr Kate Loveman, from the University of Leicester, said she found the recipes in manuscripts which belonged to the Earl of Sandwich in 1668.At the time, the chocolate treats came with a health warning for...
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Meat cake, anyone?

Cakes with chicken, prawn and fish fillings are finding takers with patrons wanting to try things out of the box.This Sunday, the brunch menu at Holiday Inn had in the dessert sections a plaque that read Chicken Cake. A chocolate cake in appearance, the hazelnut-chocolate flavoured cake was all sweet, but with pieces of pickled chicken! A quick search on our smartphone revealed, that this was perhaps...
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Heres how they made iced chocolate pudding in 1668!

oldest known English recipe for iced chocolate pudding has been unearthed....
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