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Atlanta's twin giant panda cubs turn out to be female

Giant Panda Lun Lun picks up her panda cub Mei Lun to nurse him as her other cub Mei Huan sleeps at her feet at the Atlanta Zoo in Atlanta, Georgia November 14, 2013.(Reuters) - Atlanta Zoo officials said on Friday that twin giant panda cubs, the first to be born and survive in the United States, have both turned out to be female.The zoo, which initially had identified both cubs as male after they...
Source : Reuters India |
Category : Others

Era of four big players coming to an end

Era of big 4 - Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic coming to an endLurking in the shadows is the realisation that there are other contenders who no longer fear the big 4. (Getty Images)continues. As this season concludes, the situation at the top of men's tennis remains a toss-up. 2014 will likely confirm that there is no longer a 'big 2', 'big 3', or 'big 4' in men's tennis.And...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Cricket

Killing a man? 'It's no big deal': A sneer from mother of thug who punched Asperger's sufferer, as A

Killing a man? 'It's no big deal': A sneer from mother of thug who punched Asperger's sufferer, as Attorney General is deluged with calls to increase sentenceSherron O'Hagan, mother of a thug who killed an autistic man, dismissed his crime as 'no big deal' last nightThe mother of a thug who killed an autistic man dismissed his crime as ‘no big deal’ last night.In a display of callous indifference,...
Source : dailymail |
Category : International

Women love to ogle at big breasts just like men

love to look at other womens big boobs just as often as men do....
Source : Webindia123 |
Category : Entertainment

Textile trader defaults on Rs 5cr payment

the diamond industry, there are now reports of payment defaults in the country’s biggest man-made fabric (MMF) industry in the city....
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City

Meet the man with 9.8 cm long tongue

British man was able to reclaim the world record for longest tongue, after he found out that it has gotten even bigger....
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Category : Headlines

Boost to Surat's synthetic textile export

Despite being the country's biggest man-made fabric (MMF) hub, the export of synthetic textiles from the city has not witnessed any significant increase in the last many...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : Business

Its official! Its more expensive to be a woman than a man

Though men have become conscious about their looks, women are still the big skincare spenders these days, a new survey has...
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Man held for selling drugs at Goa music event

man was arrested Saturday in Goa for peddling drugs at an electronic dance music event billed as the biggest in Asia, police...
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Chinas richest man to build worlds largest film studio

Chinas richest man Wang Jianlin Sunday said he would build the worlds biggest film studio in the city of Qingdao....
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Category : Headlines