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New stapler method to treat constipation

Malar, 49, was suffering from a problem she thought was unspeakable and untreatable. She had been suffering from chronic constipation for 15 years and no amount of laxatives or fibre-rich food helped.Malar's is not a stray case. Doctors say many people suffer from this and nearly 70% of them are women who have given birth. Most of them suffer from a condition called obstructive defecation syndrome...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Chennai

Chennai's feat: Heart transported to hospital in 13 minutes

Monday evening, a green corridor was created in the city to transport a heart from Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital to Fortis Malar Hospitals in Adyar.staff and citizens, it took 13 minutes 22 seconds, to transport the heart, across 16 traffic signals through busy Kamaraj Salai, to Malar hospital. The noble act saved the life of a 21-year-old woman from Mumbai.quoted a police officer as saying,...
Source : Oneindia |
Category : National | City : Chennai

Woman surrenders before police after killing husband

27-year old woman surrendered before police here for murdering her 40-year old husband, today. Police said Mrs Malar, wife of Sankar, an auto rickshaw driver in the city used to frequently quarrel with him whenever Sankar questioned his wifes charector, in an inebriated condition. Late last night, a quarrel broke out between the couple. At one stage, Mrs Malar, with help from her brother...
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No-trust motion against Malar sarpanch

been moved against Gurudas Bhomkar, the sarpanch of Sao Mathias panchayat, Malar, by four out of seven panchas.The signatories, Vaibhavi Sawant, Ankita Chopdekar, Tulsidas Kundaikar and Prashant Harvalkar, have alleged that no development has been carried out for almost the last two years.We encourage you to log in and comment. Non-logged-in comments will go through a verification process for security...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Puducherry

Fortis Malar Hospitals opens heart failure management centre in Chennai

CHENNAI: Fortis Malar Hospitals launched a heart failure management center in Chennai on Friday to provide comprehensive treatment for end-stage patients.The centre would consist of a gamut of interventions including transplant, preventive measures, medical management, cardiac rehabilitation, nutrition support and advanced heart assist devices like left ventricular assist device (LVAD), Heartware ...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Chennai

2 kids, 2 new hearts and a friendship

Ideally, their friendship should have blossomed in a school or playground, but 14-year-old Umar and 15-year-old Sasi met in a hospital where they found kinship over heart failure. After three months of sharing hope and despair, they parted with new hearts.Doctors said the boys, who underwent heart transplant at Fortis Malar in March, are now fit for a normal life. Both suffered from swelling of the...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Chennai

Patient with Gastrointestinal bleeding gets relief

When 19-year-old Sanket from Delhi started passing bloody stools five years ago, there were no words to describe his nightmare.Finally, when the patient was brought to a hospital in the city, doctors found that he suffered from a gastrointestinal (GI) bleed.After doctors in Delhi could not find a solution to Sanket's problem which had been haunting him for five years, he was admitted to Fortis Malar...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Chennai

Nurse felicitated for being first to call 108 from Central

Sudha Jabakumari, a nurse at Fortis Malar, was felicitated on Friday by the 108 service for being the first to call the emergency service from Chennai Central on Thursday morning, withing three minutes of the twin blasts. She was awarded the Good Samaritan certificate by Jayashankar Prasad, national fleet head of the service. The 34-year-old had alighted from Cheran Express just after the explosion."I...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Chennai

Chennai skips a heartbeat to save Mumbai woman

When a human heart was being loaded into an ambulance at the General Hospital around 6.40pm on Monday, 6km away, at Light House, traffic inspector Uday Kumar's walkietalkie crackled to life. He had been preparing for this moment.The ambulance bearing the heart - harvested from a 27-year-old brain-dead man in GH and to be transplanted in a 21-yearold woman in Fortis Malar Hospitals, Adyar - would pass...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Thane

After endstage heart failure, a pump to keep it beating

took his family out to dinner a month ago, he did not anticipate the nightmare that would follow.Driving backhome,helostconsciousness. Luckily for him, a paramedic passing by successfully administered CPR despitethefactthatKumar had no pulse. His family then rushed him to Fortis Malar Hospitals.failure. It would have been too risky to wait for a heart and attempt a transplant. But a monthlater,Kumar...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Pune
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