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In pics: When celebrities stepped out in style to party

A host of celebrities turned up at social events to party and spread cheer. Here's what's been keeping our celebrities busy.Shah Rukh Khan was recently spotted at a party hosted by Avinash and Amit Bhosale.While filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar sported a semi-formal look, his wife Renu looked gorgeous in one-shoulder outfit for Avinash-Amit Bhosale's party.Gayatri Oberoi came with his husband Vikas. The...
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45-year-old cop dies of heart attack while on duty

Police naik Vilas Manohar Bhosale (45), who worked at the Faraskhana police station, died of a massivePolice said Bhosale did his routine morning exercise and reported for duty. He was assigned court duty for the day. In the afternoon, Bhosale started feeling uneasy. He was rushed to a private hospital, where he died following a massive heart attack.Bhosale is survived by wife, two daughters, son and...
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PR Company Says It Was Demonized By The World's Biggest Internet Encyclopedia

few months ago, Wikipedia's parent entity, The Wikimedia Foundation, set about "condemning the black hat practice of paid advocacy editing and sockpuppeting on Wikipedia,"Getting paid to write a Wikipedia article can be a violation of Wikipedia's terms, a Wikipedia editorIt is a particular violation when that paid editing is coming from fake accounts, known as "sockpuppets" or from real accounts owned...
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Wikipedia adding voice recordings to famous people's pages

Wikimedia wants today's voices to echo through the ages. The non-profit foundation responsible for Wikipedia and otherannounced recently that it would add voice samples from notable people to their respective Wikipedia biographies.The new project is called “Wikipedia voice intro project” (WikiVip) and seeks to catalog the voices of the world’sThe idea behind WikiVip is to let “Wikipedia’s readers know...
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What is the difference between Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons?

Wikipedia is the most popular Wikimedia project. The Wikimedia Commons stores images and other media files for use on Wikipedia and elsewhere.An eager nature lover on Facebook asked a very intelligent question, "What is the difference between Wikipedia andYou probably already know and understand what Wikipedia is -- an encyclopaedia anyone can edit. It aims to make the sum of all human knowledge available...
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Telugu Wikipedia completes 10 years

Telugu Wikipedia completed 10 years on December 10, 2013. Several training sessions, aka Wiki Academies, were planned by the Telugu Wikipedia community to mark the occasion.Telugu Wikipedia completed 10 years on December 10, 2013. Several training sessions, aka Wiki Academies, were planned by the Telugu Wikipedia community to mark the occasion. One such session, the Te-Wiki Shikshana Shibir was organised...
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How the Wikipedia Scanner Works

Wikipedia Scanner uses records to trace the IP addresses of anonymous Wikipedia editors. Learn about the Wikipedia Scanner and Wikipedia Scanner consequences....
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Commercial Office Space in Deccan/Karve Rd/Prabhat/Bhandarkar Rd Pune, India

Off. no 13, 2nd floor, Bhosale Shinde Arcade., Deccan/Karve Rd/Prabhat/Bhandarkar Rd, Pune,...
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Wikipedia’s Paid Edits: How To Make Money, The WikiWay

Wikipedia is the sixth most frequently visited website on the planet. Its entries often pop up early in a Google search, and will receive over 20 billion page views this month. Wikipedia, the “free encyclopedia,” is often considered a definitive source on any topic, with its entries used by Siri and Google to answer user queries.Since it is free of charge to users, Wikipedia relies on tens of thousands...
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Is Wikipedia the best place to promote women in art?

ArtAndFeminism Edit-a-Thons want to increase the number of Wikipedia entries about notable women in art. But is Wikipedia worthy of their efforts?Scores of artists have recently got Wikipedia entries for the first time – all of them women. The surge has been as a result of, in which activists and experts get together for simultaneous mass edits of the popular, user-created online encyclopedia.Reportedly...
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