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Armpit infection causes man's intense body odor

bacterial infection of armpit hair was the cause of one man's body odor. Above, infected armpit hair (right) and view of hair under a microscope (left).One man's irrepressible body odor was the result of a bacterial infection of his armpit hair, according to a new report of the case.There was a "creamy yellow" substance on the man's armpit hairs. Looking at the hairs under the microscope, the doctors...
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Category : Health

Madonna posts pic of hairy armpit on Instagram

Madonna recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram where the she showed-off her hairy armpits in risque fetish wear....
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Knowshon Moreno's bruised leg bone, fumbles by backups have Broncos concerned

archive.Bus fan forum Knowshon Moreno walked into the Broncos' locker room Monday, a crutch nestled in his right armpit.)...
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J.Law complains about her armpit vagina at SAG awards

Jennifer Lawrence recently complained about her armpit vagina at the SAG Awards 2014....
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Congress' "blood-sucking" policies have hurt poor: BJP

FallsSenior party leader M Venkaiah Naidu today alleged it is the UPA's "blood-sucking" policies that made the poor poorertoday alleged it is the UPA's "blood-sucking" policies that made the poor poorer."It is atrocious on the part of the Finance Minister to criticise the Opposition party on the foreign soil that too contrary to the facts. It is the Congress' "blood sucking' economic model that pushed...
Source : The Economic Times |
Category : National

The Single Most Important Website Metric

sucks.What is the name of the Indian space craft that launched for its maiden mission to Mars on November 5, 2013?Gold...
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Category : Personal Finance

Nicki Minaj Instagramms X-rated selfies

Nicki Minaj has recently posted a series of selfies of grabbing her boob, sucking her fingers on Instagram....
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Tom Cruise says some of his movies should be thrown into trash

during his deposition in his defamation case, confessed that some of his movies suck....
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Save Energy by Avoiding Phantom Power

can be sucking the power right under your noses. Save energy by avoiding phantom power....
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