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Luck Steel Tubes Limited manufactures and exports galvanized sheets and coils, towers, hollow sections, coils, pipes, and tubes in India and internationally.and...
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Ocean glow stick: Sea worm emits strange blue glow

Here, the parchment tube worm glows green under a black light. Its natural blue glow is difficult to capture on camera.also known as the parchment tube worm for the paper-like tubes it builds for itself and lives within throughout its life secretes a bioluminescent mucus that makes it glow blue.Now, scientists are a step closer to understanding the mechanisms behind the worm's glow.The parchment tube...
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Behind The Deal: Benteler Steel/Tube Chooses Louisiana For First U.S.-based Operation

Behind The Deal: Benteler Steel/Tube Chooses Louisiana For First U.S.-based OperationBenteler’s Louisiana hot-rolling seamless steel tube facility will be capable of producing up to 320,000 tons of steel tube product annually.In 2011, Benteler Group, a 135-year-old Austria-based company, was exporting up to 25 percent of its steel tube production to the United States. This high concentration of export...
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2.00 Bedrooms Residential Apartment in Zirakpur Chandigarh, India

geeysers, split ACs, fans, RO system, tube lights / CFL.Maya...
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Arab foreign ministers to discuss Syria

Arab foreign ministers will meet Sunday in Cairo to discuss the recent developments of the Syrian crisis, an Arab League spokesman...
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Women pictured eating on Tube by strangers for bizarre Facebook group are urged to call police 'if t

Women pictured eating on Tube by strangers for bizarre Facebook group are urged to call police 'if they fell threatened'Women who feel threatened by their photographs being taken on the Tube for a Facebook blog about women eating on the London Underground, have been told to contact police.The group entitled Women Who Eat On Tubes invites commuters to upload pictures of strangers caught eating in p...
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Winter style statement - tube skirts

Tube skirts have been trending the past season and they are still in fashion.Socialite Kim Kardashian is an example as to how one can sport a tube skirt gracefully.Kim sported a green tube skirt in a very stylish and chic way in her post-baby period. She paired it up with a simple grey cropped tee and nude heels that helped to lengthen her legs, reports a cosy daytime look, one...
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London Underground map redesigned for football: Take tube from Gareth Bale to Dennis Bergkamp via Ge

Want to take the tube from Gareth Bale to Dennis Bergkamp? Just change at George Graham! The London Underground map as you've never seen it beforeThe London Underground is probably just as famous across the globe as Gareth Bale, Thierry Henry and Frank Lampard. And now the Tube's multicoloured linesThe 11 tube lines have each been assigned to a London club, with players from each club throughout history...
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2ft tube in tummy

Ryles tube, a nasogastric pipe used for feeding and administering drugs to critically-ill patients, has been removed from the stomach of a 45-year-old man apparently three years after he was hospitalised for a head injury.The more than 2ft-long tube was apparently left inside the stomach of Kalipada Mukherjee when he was admitted to NRS Medical College and Hospital in 2010.He has been carrying the...
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Laboratory glass blowers find themselves victim of the digital age

A decline of hands-on scientific research has cut need for glass blowers like UC Riverside's Stan Sheldon to create and repair pieces on-site.Stan Sheldon places his blowtorch between two spinning glass tubes. He blows into a mouthpiece that looks like a cigarette perched on his bottom lip. Air enters one end of a tube and puffs up through smoldering, wilting glass. As the tubes appear near collapse,...
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