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Christian beekeepers win case with HMRC to post VAT return

Christian beekeepers who shun computers win landmark David and Goliath battle with HMRC by gaining right to file VAT return by postTax tribunal ruled that by refusing to allow them to file returns by post HMRC violated their human rights to freely express their religionA couple of staunchly religious beekeepers who refused to file their VAT returns online have won a landmark battle with the taxman.Graham...
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Small businesses win landmark victory against the taxman in dispute over filing VAT online

Small businesses win landmark victory against the taxman in dispute over filing VAT onlineSmall businesses have secured a major victory against the taxman in a dispute over filing their VAT online.In a ground-breaking decision, Judge Barbara Mosedale held that rules which required firms to submit their VAT returns over the internet were unlawful. This was because HM Revenue & Customs had not provided...
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Tax returns: e-filing to be made easier

E-filing of Income Tax returns will be further simplified by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) which said it is encouraged by the increasing number of taxpayers taking the online route.The e-filing of returns this financial year saw a jump of 40 per cent with 25,647 crore online returns being filed till March 22 as compared with over 1.80 crore e-returns filed by taxpayers during the corresponding...
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Will you be filing your tax return on Christmas Day?

You think shopping for online bargains isn't in the festive spirit? Taxman reveals 1,548 people filed their tax return last Christmas DayOnline tax: 80% now file their tax return online - but it's not clear how Santa chooses to do itIt's about as festive as hunting for online bargains, but Christmas Day is a popular time to fill in tax returns, according to figures from the taxman.With the deadline...
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How much is your tax liability?

is an easy and simple process to file your returns. Make sure you have the necessary documents to file your returns...
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Religious beekeepers win tax case

couple have won the right not to file online VAT returns for their honey business after claiming it was contrary to their religious beliefs.Beekeepers Graham and Abigail Blackburn, from Cornwall, are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and they reject using computers at home.A tribunal ruled that by refusing an exemption the government had breached their right to manifest their religion.Mr...
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Google Reminds Online Tax Return Filers to Protect Their Identities

As more taxpayers move to online filing of their tax returns, Google has some hints for better protecting their identity from theft.Just in time for tax time, Google and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have some important hints for online identity safety as tax filers prepare to complete their 2013 tax returns online."Once upon a time, Tax Day meant pens and pencils, paper forms, and long waits...
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7 most common tax mistakes

It's the easiest part about doing your taxes, but some people still forget to do it. When you file online you won't be able to submit the return without your typed signature -- two signatures if you're filing jointly.But when filing on your own, this is often overlooked. "An unsigned tax return is like an unsigned check -- it's not valid," the IRS says.From hermit crab food and Viagra to a toupee and...
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Chinese online real estate platform Leju Holdings files for a $200 million IPO

Chinese online real estate platform Leju Holdings files for a $200 million IPO ...
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Online caregiver marketplace files for an $80 million IPO

Online caregiver marketplace files for an $80 million IPO...
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