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Noise pollution down, air pollution up this Diwali

level compared to previous Diwali, but air pollution level saw a rise than normal days."On Diwali, the BSPCB monitored the quality of air and level of noise pollution at Boring Road crossing. The air and noise pollution level of the area was also monitored on October 29 to obtain a record of normal days. On both the days, air pollution was monitored for 24 hours from 6am, while noise pollution was...
Source : Times Of India |
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`Smoggy` Delhi`s air quality now worse than `worlds most polluted city` Beijing

Daily pollution figures collected from New Delhi reveal that the citys air is laden with dangerous small particles of pollution....
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Severe Smog in North China Prompts Warnings to Stay Inside

Forbidden City is shrouded in heavy air pollution in Beijing on Dec. 7, 2013.The Forbidden City is shrouded in heavy air pollution in Beijing on Dec. 7, 2013.The Forbidden City is shrouded in heavy air pollution in Beijing on Dec. 7, 2013.China warned people in northern regions, including the capital Beijing, to stay indoors today as air pollution surpassed World Health Organization recommended levels...
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WHO: air pollution responsible for 1 in 8 global deaths

According to a World Health Organization report released today, around 1 in 8 of total global deaths - 7 million deaths annually - are as a result of exposure to air pollution.The new data challenges previous information on air pollution. The figure of 7 million more than doubles the previous estimate of annual air pollution-caused deaths, making air pollution now the world's largest single environmental...
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Study shows air pollution more deadly than thought

effect of long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with increased mortality even when the pollution is below European Union limits, shows...
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Indian capital world's most polluted city: study

air pollution is the worst in the world and the national capital is the globe's most polluted city, said a new study. According to the study by, India has the worst air pollution in the world in terms of the proportion of population exposed to average air pollution levels exceeding the, with 810 million registered vehicles, has the highest particulate matter pollution of 2.5 levels in the world, thewas...
Source : World News |
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Mobile air quality monitors to visit neighbourhoods soon

city's air pollution status was based on samples collected from a four or five places in Chennai. But with mobile monitors, all neighbourhoods can know their pollution levels. The board has procured six movable high volume air samplers, producing accurate pollution data from anywhere in the city. TNPCB spent around 1 crore on the six pieces.TNPCB chairman D Karthikeyan said the new air pollution monitors...
Source : Times Of India |
Category : City | City : Patna

Nearly half of London 2020 roads 'to miss pollution limits'

ranks among the top 25 cities in two measures of air pollution in a study released this week by theof the Air 2009 report lists citywide and countywide levels of ozone and particleseeks to move on from a vitriolic campaign with a focus on local issues, analysts say.It is well known that air pollution has damaging effects on the environment and your health.have established that air pollution poses serious...
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WHO: Air pollution can cause cancer

only way to address the problem is to clean up the air, health authorities say.Air pollution is now officially a carcinogenic, the World Health Organization saysOthers diseases aggravated by pollution are heart disease and respiratory ailments-- The air many of us breathe poses serious health risks, the World Health Organization says. On Thursday, it added cancer to the list.Air pollution is a now...
Source : CNN |
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Drought linked to polluted winter air

of rainfall, along with low winds and stagnant conditions that trapped pollution near the ground, contributed to increase in soot, officials say.An adult and youngster are silhouetted by the sunset while riding bikes in Azusa on Monday. The drought is being linked to an increase in air pollution this winter.California's parched winter brought a big surge in air pollution, pushing the number of bad...
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