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10 on 10: 10-year-old clears Class X exam

Jaipur, June 7: A 10-year-old boy cleared the Class 10 exams that too in first division. Hailing from Durgapura, Abhaas's parents are teachers who have been teaching him when he was very young. According toBoard of Secondary Education results for class 10 were declared on Friday evening at 5 pm. Shubham Jain from Nagaur topped the examination with 97.83 per cent of marks.The results are available at...
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10 things: 10 things rehab centers won’t tell you

Amy Winehouse sang about it in a Top 10 hit. Celebrities have embraced it as almost a rite of passage. And one former First Lady made it a key part of her legacy. We’re talking rehab, as in the process of undergoing extensive — and sometimes costly — treatment for substance abuse, often in an inpatient setting.Roughly 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol or drugs, according to the Substance...
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Category : Personal Finance

Pawan Kalyan to get 10 Crores for 10 minutes

Tuesday, 18th of February, 2014      Welcome to BollywoodSargam - Your HeartbeatMumbai, Tuesday 18th of February 2014 (BSNS) A few days ago, we broke the news that, Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan have teamed up for Telugu remake of Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal starrer super hit, ' Oh My God ' tentatively titled as ' Ori Devuda'. Venkatesh will be playing the role of an Atheist and Pawan Kalyan will be seen...
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Category : Entertainment

'Main Hoon Na' completes 10 years: 10 Bollywood cliches that made the film a hit

'Main Hoon Na' completes 10 years: 10 Bollywood cliches that made the film a hitFrom an estranged family to a tomboy best friend to the sexy chemistry teacher; Farah Khan's directorial debut 'Main Hoon Na' had cliches in dollops. As the film completes 10 years, here is a look at the cliches that made the film a blockbuster.A step brother has to be a good-for-nothing fellow, who may be struggling with...
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Acharia hopes to make it 10 out of 10 despite tough times (Interview)

has seen nine prime ministers address the Lok Sabha, and when he made his debut in 1980, Rahul Gandhi was probably not even in high school and Narendra Modi an ordinary RSS pracharak....
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10 things: 10 things CEOs won’t tell you

While American workers grapple with stagnant wages and an uncertain job market, there’s one group that doesn’t need to worry about pay raises: CEOs.At the country’s largest 350 companies by revenue, average CEO compensation — including salary and the value of stock options exercised — was $14.1 million in 2012, up nearly 13% since 2011 and 37% since 2009, according to a study by theOver the long term,...
Source : Marketwatch |
Category : Personal Finance

10 things: 10 things the Academy Awards won’t say

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony will bring downtown Los Angeles to a standstill on March 2, as hundreds of limousines carry some of the most taut, wrinkle-free—and valuable—faces on the planet to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. But the event does more than provide a platform for tearful speeches: It helps drive Netflix couch potatoes into cinemas to see both relatively low-budget movies like “Philomena”...
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Category : Personal Finance

10 things: 10 things the baby-product industry won’t tell you

With some 4 million babies born in the U.S. every year, companies that make baby products have a broad and ever-changing audience. Reports from retail industry monitors IBISWorld and Euromonitor show that total U.S. spending on baby products, including toys, grooming, formula, and durable goods like cribs, was at least $23 billion in 2013.For the industry, e-commerce in particular is the gift that...
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Category : Personal Finance

10 things: 10 things lawn services won’t tell you

An estimated 85 million American households, or 72%, do some work in their yards, whether cutting the lawn, planting a garden, or otherwise tending to their outdoor space, according to the National Gardening Association.But a growing number also hire someone to make their lawns look good. Nearly 27 million of those households also used lawn services and landscapers in 2012, according to the National...
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Category : Personal Finance

10 things: 10 things con artists won’t tell you

Banks let them open accounts in your name. The Internal Revenue Service gives them your tax refund. They dip into databases linked to credit bureaus, snagging your bank account, routing and Social Security numbers, which are sold off like packs of gum in an ever-growing black market that generates billions of dollars. The modern con artist’s prying eyes look beyond the wallet in your back pocket to...
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Category : Personal Finance
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