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Falling in love with the right person is important especially if you are considering spending the rest of your life with that man or woman. The beautiful feeling in love is felt when you spent time doing things you love to do together.If you take a walk in the park with your partner beside you, you will see that old-fashioned love was the best. It had its own innocence and a sensational beauty to ...
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“But, we may continue as friends!” The most common dialogue following a breakup lecture! But, do you think it is easy? Not at all! If you are not smart enough in planning how to become friends with ex, you will be a total failure in that position. The reason for a breakup can be from either side, but no matter who took the initiative, remember that you are now transferred to the post of a friend. ...
Source : Oneindia | 24 Hour(s) AgoCategory : Hot N Spicy
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