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Raichur [India], Nov. 10 : Karnataka's primary and secondary education minister Tanveer Sait was today found watching obscene photographs on his mobile phone during the Tipu Jayanthi celebrations in Raichur.A media channel ran footage of the minister viewing photographs of skimpily-clad girls on his phone while on the dais during the celebrations organised as a tribute to Tipu Sultan, the ruler of...
Source : Newkerala | 531 Day(s) AgoCategory : City | City : Raichur
RAICHUR: A truck carrying Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in Karnataka's Raichur district overturned while on its way to dump the now-invalid currency.As the news spread, people gathered at the site, hoping to find truckload of money scattered on the road.But to their dismay, only the papers covering these notes were scattered on the road, while all theThere were nine trucks carrying the old notes collected...
Source : Times Of India | 584 Day(s) AgoCategory : City | City : Raichur
RAICHUR/BENGALURU: In a huge embarrassment to the Congress government, minister for primary and secondary education and minority affairs Tanveer Sait was caughtFootage of Sait looking at nude pictures on his mobile was captured by a TV channel.After the function, the minister tried to down play the incident saying he was trying to know the status of Tipu Jayanti celebrations in his hometown, Mysuru,...
Source : Times Of India | 588 Day(s) AgoCategory : City | City : Raichur
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